Survived Squarmous Cell Carcinoma, what next? Prognosis and recurrence?

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Survived Squarmous Cell Carcinoma, what next? Prognosis and recurrence?

Postby Roachie » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:57 am

Hi everyone,
Been a while since I darkened your doorstep. It's now 12 months since the long journey from major surgery then 8 cycles of chemo. Great Oncologist onboard however........
I'm still having a few issues. Of course the effects of losing 22cm of bowel has it's everyday dramas. Here are my main issues but the main one is that for such a RARE cancer as SCC I don't seem to find much experience of it online.
Surgeon smiled and said 'don't worry I reckon we got it all and chemo is needed just to make sure'. The surgeon stated that he removed 38 lymph nodes and only 3 showed any effect from the cancer.
I'm still experiencing painful urination up to and including this day, might need to investigate further with the Urologist.
My biggest concern is the conflicting reports of only a 32% survival after 5 years and the chance of it coming back again.
Does anybody have any anecdotal stories involving this enigmatic cancer and the chances of survival??
Roachie - An Australian living in Turkey
Not sure of the jargon and acronyms but...
Diagnosed with Squarmous Cell Carcinoma of the colon, apparently quite rare.
Had open surgery to remove a large tumour nestled between my colon, bladder and spine in Sept 2016.
Undergoing 8 cycles of chemo.... IV on first day then 14 days oral. Currnetly in cycle no.3
Surgeon states all the bad things gone, some lymphatic effect and removed before metatsis.
All looks good but with Turkish as a second language I do end up dealing with the odd surprise.

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