Liver spot seen on CT...Should I be concerned??

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Re: Liver spot seen on CT...Should I be concerned??

Postby Bina » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:32 pm

Robino1 wrote:
Bina wrote:This might sound silly, but if on my CT scan report it says "resolution of right ovarian cyst," does that mean that the cyst is no longer there?

From the web: Complete Response (CR): The complete resolution or disappearance of targeted cancerous lesions, through treatment.

Sounds like it went away. If I'm wrong, someone will come along and correct me :)

That's what I thought, thanks!
1/16- DX w/ Stage 3A CC @ 26 F; surgery & treatment@MSK
2/16- Colon resection; 2/19 positive LN
3/16-8/16- FOLFOX/FLOX
8/16- Dad diagnosed w/ Stage 2A (surgery only); Shock & confusion; genetics testing: negative for Lynch & no genetic connection found
9/16- Clear CT/colonoscopy
10/17- New spot on liver seen on CT scan; 1.0 CEA
11/17- Follow up MRI; 2 subcentimeter spots; too small to characterize; "suggestive of cysts"; plan is to wait & scan again in Feb

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Re: Liver spot seen on CT...Should I be concerned??

Postby menreeq » Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:41 am

Re ovarian cyst -- yes, resolution means it is not there in the current scan. But ovarian cysts come and go. It could be there on a later scan.
Stage IIA rectosigmoid CC (T3N0M0)
Dx 6/5/17 @age 41, mom to 5 & 2yo girls
Workup: c-scope, EUS, rectal MRI, CT C/A/P
AdenoCA 5.5cm, WHO Grade 2, 0/22 LN, no distant mets
CEA 1.9 (6/5/17), 0.8 (2/28/18)
No lymphovasc/perineural invasion, clear margins
MSI intact, OncotypeDx RS 7
Lap sig colectomy 6/23/17, no ileo/colostomy
Genetics counseling negative for mutations, 4 VUS
Xeloda monotherapy 8/13/17-1/22/18
PET/CT 3/21/18 NED

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Re: Liver spot seen on CT...Should I be concerned??

Postby Rikimaroo » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:54 am

CEA for me when this all started in 12/16 was 26 for rectal cancer. It then went to 32 in January 2017. In April 3.5 after chemo radiation. I stopped doing CEA and didn’t do LAR and tried Watch and Wait. In November CeA jumped to 500, imagine my shock!!. Liver tumor was present just one. So CEA is a big indicator and spikes higher when in liver. I also have a 4.5mm lung nodule but doc said he wants to just keep an eye on it when I do follow up scan. Honestly didn’t take this seriously and chalked it up to inflammation, and just a dream. Big mistake. Hindsight 20/20

I think you are fine and nothing to worry about. I know the stress of doing these imaging.
Diagnosed at 38 y/o male, 3 kids 7,9,14 - Now 39.
Chemo Rad, CCR - W&W 5/2017
Recurrence 11/2017
CT Scan 11/2017 Liver Met 5.5cm Stable, Stage IV
Port Scheduled for 12/2017, folfox - avastin 12/2017
Blood Clot in Neck 1/2018, stop avastin, continue FolFox
LAR/Liver Resect 4/2018
Chemo Finish 8/2018
Reversal 10/18
CEA - 12/16 26.1, 1/17 32.2, 3/17 6.6, 11/17 500.5, 12/17 638.5, 1/3/18 424.8, 1/16/18 163.5, 1/31/18 62.2, 2/18 21.1, 3/18 14, 4/18 .8, 10/18 1.2, 12/18 3.2

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