NEW-Need some positivity here.

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Re: NEW-Need some positivity here.

Postby DonutHead » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:54 am

I had to stop the Oxaliplatin after the 3rd round. My doctor suggested 3 out of 8 was better than none (obviously), but that the addition of Ox is only recent to the protocol and improved outcomes by 3-4% overall. so in my case, he was concerned more over the long term side effects of continuing Ox rather than stopping it altogether.

In the Scot trials, it was shown than recieving half of the protocol or in my case 4 out of the standard 8 cycles had little to no effect on the outcomes or the numbers in the study were realtively the same.

i am on round 7 now of just the xeloda at 4000mg per day. one more to go! I think the chemo has killed me to the core as the side effects are more prominent and lasting. i have some hair thinning/loss, peeling skin above my finger nails, red hot sunburn feeling feet, cracks in the skin around my toes, the palms of my hands look red and waxy, finger tips - especially the pads of my thumbs are numb, my digestive tract is out of whack, nightmares and insomnia...that’s about it. all manageable given the alternative.
Male 49 yrs.
09/10/2017: Colonoscopy 2.2x2 cm lesion - Invasive Adenocarcinoma - NOT Genetic
09/13/2017: CT - No Mets - Very slightly enlarged LN
09/19/2017: Chest Xray, CBC, CEA 2.0. normal
09/20/2017: LAP Rectosigmoid - 8' and 25 LNs removed
09/21/2017: Biopsy - 1/25 LN slight molecular invasion
Dx: Stage IIIa - T3 N1 MX
Chemo: Ox stopped after rnd 3 of 8; 5 cycles of 4000mg Xeloda remaining
10/09/2017: PET negative; no molecular activity, no metabolic activity, NED. T3 N1a M0

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Re: NEW-Need some positivity here.

Postby teacher2017 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:22 am

Atoq wrote:You are really close to the end of the mop up chemo! I hope the next rounds are not so hard and you will be NED for ever!

If the oncologist says 6 is like 12, are you not tempted to stop now that you are over 6?

All the best


Since there were 12/17 LNs involved- the oxi was lowered but not completely eliminated. It will eventually be eliminated because she said it was rare to go all 12. Anyway the closer to spring I come, the closer to the end I am. I just really want clear scans and this port out. My best advice to anyone going through this is to make plans. Plans to vacation, dinner, whatever. Plans help. A great distraction. One more step to new normal.
48 year old female- mom of 2 (12,15)
DX stage 3c - 12/17 LN. T3
8" sigmoid resection Sept 22 2017
6.1cm tumor size
chemo -folfox 11/8 started
CEA level- 1.4 11/8
Hoping clean up chemo works!

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