Chronic Anastomotic Sinus After Surgery

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Chronic Anastomotic Sinus After Surgery

Postby BallCoach10 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:42 am

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer back in May 2015. The Drs started me on chemo (5FU) and radiation a few days later and it continued until August. PET scan showed no more cancer but surgeon guaranteed cells were still there and I needed surgery to remove the section of my colon where it was. Surgery was performed in October here in Pensacola and the next week the anastomosis started leaking from a dime sized hole. I was admitted into the hospital and stayed there for 6 weeks while Drs tried to control infection that was now formed in a 6 inch presacral abscess. During that time the diverted me into temporary ileostomy to allow the hole to heal. After 6 weeks I was DC'd home with a JP drain and antibiotics because the hole wouldn't close and the abscess was still there. For the next year I had the ileostomy. Dec 7, 2016 I went to Houston Methodist Hospital and Dr Das reversed my ileostomy. Since then I have been having many bowel movements per day (8-15) and tons of chronic pain. I have been living on pain killers. I have had several tests done and was told I had a new abscess and the old abscess cavity was still there causing trouble too in May. I flew down to Cleveland Clinic In Weston and met with Dr Wexner last week who ran more tests and concluded the chronic anastomotic sinus is getting larger and bacteria is getting inside causing my fevers and extreme pain. He suggested another colon resection (my 3rd) and another ileostomy.

I'm on antibiotics but it doesn't seem to be helping much and taking pain meds and suffering most of the day. Does anyone out there have any experience with chronic abscess cavities or a similar situation?? If so, please tell me if you had to go to an ostomy permanently or what procedures were down to help you? Also please tell me the surgeon who was able to help you?

If anyone has a suggestion for a great proven colorectal surgeon that is skilled in abscess removal please pass along the information. I'm almost at my ropes end here dealing with the pain every day for past 7 months trying to avoid permanent colostomy.

Thanks so much!

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