Probably lung mets

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Probably lung mets

Postby Miknan » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:35 pm

Hi all,first post here. Been reading many posts trying to educate myself. My brother in law has stage 4 CRC for 3-4 years now and has been feeling well. However his CEA has been high and increased again, I'm not sure the exact number but remember it being considerably lower than others I've seen on this site. He had a chest CT that showed "Bilateral multiple tiny pulmonary nodules predominantly in the upper lobes show interval progression. This is worrisome for metastasis".

My sister and BIL met with a cardiovascular surgeon and a interventional radiologist who my sister said (all via texts) "Interventional surgery with only 10% success rate due to location. We have to find out what this is then upon results then oncology, more surgery, or both".

I don't want to bombard her with questions. I tell her how sorry I am and offer to help anyway I can despite us living across the country from each other. Does she mean he only has 10% to survive this? He feels strong, he just built a deck for their pool, bikes to work, etc. I guess I'm not really sure what my question is here but any insite would be appreciated.

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Re: Probably lung mets

Postby Joannerogers » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:26 pm

I'm just guessing but possibly the interventional radiologist will attempt to do a biopsy but that it will be hard to obtain due to the location. Treatment will be determined after biopsy???
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