Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

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Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby Russian27 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:28 am

One of us conquered Everest! Read his message at the end of the article.
Dx at 39(12/2008), Stage IV, omentum mets,
0/16 lymph nodes positive,
right colectomy 1/2009,
FOLFOX + avastin 2/2009-7/2009
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Re: Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby stu » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:31 am

We are a bit proud of him too. What an amazing man.
supporter to my mum who lives a great life despite a difficult diagnosis
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2010 colon /liver resection
chemo following recurrence
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Re: Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby Lee » Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:25 pm

Wow, he is amazing. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

rectal cancer - April 2004
46 yrs old at diagnoses
stage III C - 6/13 lymph positive
radiation - 6 weeks
surgery - August 2004/hernia repair 2014
permanent colostomy
chemo - FOLFOX
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Re: Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby LPL » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:36 am

Thank you for sharing this inspiring article!!
They wrote:
He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June 2015 and told in early 2016 that he had beaten the disease, but later found out it had returned.
He said he has been told he has "just several months left to live".
Speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield in February, he said: "I'm determined to prove anything is possible."
'Amazing achievement'

Truly an amazing thing to do. I really hope it is possible for this Mr Toothill, to also find the cure for his cancer.
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Mets 3 Liver resectable
T4aN1bM1a Stage IVa 2/9 LN
MSS, KRAS-mut G13D
CEA & CA19-9: 5/18 2.5 78 8/17 1.4 48 2/14/17 1.8 29
4 Folfox 6/15-7/30 (b4 liver surgery) 8 after
CT: 8/8 no change 3/27/17 NED for now :D
:!: Steroid induced hyperglycemia dx after 3chemo .. hospitalized, insulin -> Metformin
Surgeries (open):
3/18 Emergency colostomy 5/23 Primary+gallbl+colostomy reversal (+port) 9/01 Liver mets

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Re: Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby benben » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:31 pm

Ian Toothill's tweet on 20 May said: "For those who with suffer daily because of cancer, I climb for you. For those who lost the battle with cancer and the friends and families left to pick up broken pieces, I climb for you."

Ian Toothill I SALUTE YOU!!
Thank you for your strength and bringing attention to the cause.
May humanity eradicate the suffering of all the afflicted and those helping the afflicted of this disease!

Godspeed Good Soul!
3/29/17 diagnosed CRC - 44 y/o Male
4/17/17 ULAR - Straight anastomosis - no ostomy.
Path: low grade T3n1m0 - moderate diff.
KRAS - NO, MLH1/PMS2/MSH6/MSH2 - Normal.
5/3 med port install
5/22 folfox - first treatment.
3rd treat, delayed - low ANC - reduced to 90% OXI
Granix given, Now Zarxio treatments every session.
Treatment 7 reduced to 75% OXI
Treatment 8-12 - NO OXI, just Luke and 5FU
Current - 12 treatments done, CBC good, CEA decreasing.
10/20/17 CT-SCAN - CLEAR! - NED

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Re: Bowel cancer patient conquers Everest

Postby DarknessEmbraced » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:01 am

Congratulations Ian Toothill Thank you for bringing awareness!
Diagnosed 10/28/14, age 36
Colon Resection 11/20/14, LAR (no illeo)
Stage 2a colon cancer, T3NOMO
Lymph-vascular invasion undetermined
0/22 lymph nodes
No chemo, no radiation
Clear Colonoscopy 04/29/15
NED 10/20/15
Ischemic Colitis 01/21/16
NED 11/10/16
CT Scan moved up due to high CEA 08/21/17
NED 09/25/17

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