1 year follow up after LAR

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1 year follow up after LAR

Postby CatzinDJ » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:39 am

I had my colonoscopy and cat scan done over the last two weeks. Colonoscopy detected a benign area that was suspicious but determined benign. Cat scan- same results as last year. CEA results are the questionable part. The number has changed/risen 4.8 in June 2016, 2.6 in December 2016, and now 5.6 in June 2017.

I still haven't seen the oncologist. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I've been to Seattle Care Cancer Alliance.

My concern is the CEA uptick. I've read enough to know that the CEA is not the gold standard for measurement, but it still has me concerned.
53 & Female
DX: Rectal Cancer (RC) diagnosed in Thailand
Tumor Location: Rectum
Tumor type: invasive adenocarcinoma
Tumor size: 4 mm
Tumor grade: low grade
Baseline CEA value (4.46) 5/2016
CEA 6/2/2016 4.8
Lynch- Negative.
LAR 7/13/2016 in Seatle, Wa
Home 7/18/2016.
CEA 12/9/2016 2.8
CEA 6/8/2017 5.6
Colonoscopy and Cat scan June 2017 NED
CEA 3/2018 2.9
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Re: 1 year follow up after LAR

Postby Jacques » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:49 am

I noticed that you have a signature, but you haven't mentioned your stage.

Would you be able to update your signature so that we can see your stage?

Thank you.

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Chimiothérapie adjuvante : capécitabine + oxaliplatine
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5 years NED,
End of 6-month follow-ups: 7/2017
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