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Re: Immunotherapy

Postby LPL » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:59 pm

How are you doing now Tim?
It is >6months since your update.
It sounded as you responded so well on your treatment!
I hope everything has continued going good!
Are you MSS or? Sorry for asking but I can’t see that in your ’signature’.. Oops sorry, saw that you mentioned MSS in one of your posts.
Best Regards /L
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MSS, KRAS-mut G13D
CEA & CA19-9: 5/18 2.5 78 8/17 1.4 48 2/14/17 1.8 29
4 Folfox 6/15-7/30 (b4 liver surgery) 8 after
CT: 8/8 no change 3/27/17 NED for now :D
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Re: Immunotherapy

Postby henry123 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:36 am

TrojanGirlie wrote:Hi,

My husband and I just recently found out that the FOLFIRI/Erbitux chemo combination he began in Oct. 2016 is no longer effective. His doctor at Kaiser Permanente would like to switch him to FOLFOX/Erbitux. We went to get a second opinion at UCLA medical center and the oncologist there (Dr. Rosen) said while that is not a wrong thing to do, it is not what he would do. He recommends doing immunotherapy (Keytruda or Opdivo) plus oxaliplatin and 5FU). We are torn on whose opinion to go with, because our Kaiser oncologist seems very surprised at how aggressive this cancer is, but he also does not want to use immunotherapy until we have exhausted all options since there are only a limited amount of treatment options available for colorectal cancer. We feel the UCLA oncologist has more experience and we should go with his opinion. Does anyone on this message board have any experience with doing immunotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time? Any opinions on which oncologist to trust more?

Thank you for all feedback!

How are things now and how has been the response?
Normally , monoimmunotherapy is done for msi-H cases.
46yo M msi-high Lynch +ve
5/16 lap AR 14/21 L nodes +ve
7/16 Capox 9 cyc
9/16 cea 2
1/17 550
PET CT mets in lung & peri
iri+ avast fail
3/17 10577
4/17 regro fail
5/17 cea 28800
5/17 CT inc in size of mes nodes ,onset of multi nodules in liver.
6/17 Opdivo start
7/17 26754
8/17 5623
9/17 497
10/17 52
11/17 12
CT all clear exc a nodule in Lung. liver norm
1/18 3.6
4/18 2.0
Aspirin start
6/18 1.5 CT clear
12/18 1.1 CT Clear NED
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Still on opdivo

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