Penny Pyramid Project - Screening & Awarness Mission

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Penny Pyramid Project - Screening & Awarness Mission

Postby Marcelo » Fri Aug 25, 2006 10:09 am

Just want to open up with a special hello to Molly... Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support of this mission.

The Penny Pyramid Project began as a result of one family members heroic battle with Colorectal Cancer and one mans mission to tell his story. Marcelo Bezos, Founder of the Penny Pyramid Project; “My brother in laws Dad has been battling this cancer for almost 12 years. In November of last year his health took a turn for the worst. I wanted to do something big to show this man that his strength, faith and will to live had touched many of those who had met him, including me.

World Record Attempt

It had always been a childhood dream of mine to break an old Guinness penny pyramid record dating back to 1981. What better way to continue to draw attention to this devastating disease than to have a record that others could build upon and also attempt to break! I knew gaining access to the press to educate people on the important act of screening was probably the most important “Now!”, type of act that would have an immediate impact. So I set the goal….Old record, 104,000 pennies, My Goal: Smash the old record by hundreds of thousands more!

Penny Pyramid : 289,000+ Pennies

The record I would set had to big. I targeted a square base pyramid that would be 40 rows high, the same number of rows to match my recent birthday! Some people buy Porches for there 40th, I built a Pyramid! Anyway, the math came out to be over 289,000 coins! On April 17th 2006 I set the last coin on the pyramid. As I took a step back to check out the almost 230 hours of work, my 3 year old son comes in from behind and says “Cool! Dad, you finished it” Its huge! My son is a little shy of 3 feet so this thing must have looked enormous to him. I knew then, that this project had to be turned into more than just a one-time event. A few days later on April 20th I came up with the blueprints for taking the pyramid on tour. I would create a life size replica by using a fraction of the coins. The reduced weight would allow me to take the pyramid out on tour and spread its message.

Every March, (Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month) the project will tour these replicas with its special message on its sides to help support the works of the many organizations who have committed their time and energy in helping spread a similar awareness and educational screening message. It is my hope that some kind of craze to beat the current record will catch on! So, I dare you! I double dare! Go ahead and attempt the record so the chain can continue. The Penny Pyramid Project will be the official site where any one can display and share stories on their attempts. It will also be much more than a place to smash records, although it will be the ultimate home and custodian to this penny bound record, most importantly it will be the home of the people whom have helped spread its message.

There is much more coming so stay tuned on our progress by visiting us at Also, check for our future updates section on anticipated tour dates and sites.
Marcelo Bezos, Founder
Penny Pyramid Project

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