considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

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considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

Postby CLD » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:42 pm

After 6 kids, 1 pre cancer accident that left DH with many broken bone and lingering pain, then the big C with all the long term side effects from chemo, our ages (44 and 39) and the risk of birth defects from the chemo, plus my ability to care for another child should his cancer return (I was pregnant during dx, surgery, and treatment), we are calling it a day on our childbearing years. A vasectomy consult is scheduled for Tues. So my fears are that lingering inflammation or a granuloma would cause a problem with his scans, I'm also concerned the procedure itself will cause him long term pain (maybe I've been reading too many horror stories online) or dysfunction combined with colon surgery. I understand this may be a sensitive topic for some, so I understand if I don't get any responses, but I figure we talk poop here all day so Id throw it out there for whatever advice I can get! Thanks in advance.
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Re: considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

Postby CRguy » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:27 pm

Ask the docs those questions BUTT I doubt a well performed vasectomy would have any major disruptive effect on a pelvic CT scan,
especially of they know a vasectomy was done prior. There are different techniques so discuss thoroughly with the Doc and yes ... Dr Google will feed you all the bad stuff.
(( aside : I am a vet and have done thousands of male sterilizations, including a good number of vasectomies. Should be safe and effective in the hands of an experienced surgeon. ))
CLD wrote: I understand this may be a sensitive topic for some, so I understand if I don't get any responses,

....BUTT not as sensitive as hubby for a few days afterwards :oops:
but I figure we talk poop here all day so Id throw it out there for whatever advice I can get! Thanks in advance.

FYI ... you would NOT believe some of the stuff we've discussed here over the years :shock:

Best wishes
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Re: considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

Postby SEWHAPPY » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:02 pm

My husband had a vasectomy a few years back with no problems, but a funny story. He was still In the Marine Corp at the time and he and one other sergeant had theirs done at the same time. My hubby went home and took it easy with a bag of frozen peas strategically applied. He was fine. The other man decided to Man-Up and went for a 5-mile run later that day. He ended up with testicles the size of grapefruits and was in the hospital for three days! Just follow doctor's orders and he will be fine!!!! :D
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Re: considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

Postby LeonW » Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:22 pm

CLD wrote:.. . we talk poop here all day so Id throw it out there for whatever advice I can get . . .

It's exactly the openness here that makes this board so valuable. Hence this humble contribution, knowing that I'm well under way to get out of my my stage IV without any poop issues. My sympathy to all who are less fortunate.

Back to vasectomy: I had one many years ago, possibly some 25 yrs before Dx. Had completely forgotten about the procedure, except that it was so uneventful. The only thing that still sticks out was being so nervous about it all and the doctor's advise not to drive home myself after the procedure. I'm not a doctor, but would be surprised if 'having it done' could in any possible manner interfere with (pelvic) scans.

i had completely forgotten about it were it not for a stupid little traffic accident a few months ago, that caused rib fracture. The X-ray taken of lower-rib / pelvic area then not only showed the usual blurs that only radiologists can decipher, but also prominently displayed the many metal parts that were left in that area, over time. Besides the dozens of clips where my removed liver used to be, and much to my surprise and a some discomfort it also clearly :oops: showed the two tiny clips in the scrotum that were left after the vasectomy . . .

Besides this little embarrassment (unlike the many CT reviews during my C journey), I can't imagine how these clearly visible. tiny little clips, well outside the abdomen, could possibly interfere with any scan, anytime. But you my want to prepare your hubby for what happens when they they are revealed, just in case :wink:. Nothing else to be afraid of.

Cheers, L
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Re: considering vasectomy...will it affect pelvic scans?

Postby plastikos » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:25 am

I had one same time as my 2nd liver resection. No problems with surgery, post-op and it had no effect on scans.
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