the gap time between TACE and PVE

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the gap time between TACE and PVE

Postby bobwang001 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:32 pm

My wife(49 years old) is found colon cancer on 2016/11/01 in Canada, and a surgery is made on 11/30/2016.
2017/01/17 is found multiple liver metastases, the maximum is 2.3 cm. After 1/17, we has 5-FU+OX 4 rounds already so far.
On 2017/02/10, we recheck with MRI, and finds 8 liver metastases within the right liver lobe(maximum is 2.6 cm, average is 2.0 cm), one of them at the junction with the left liver lobe (segment 5/4B). The liver doctor says she can have a PVE and then target a surgery to completely remove the liver cancer cells. But the PVE procedure is scheduled to happen on 2017/04/20(Canada is slow), which is 50 days later. Now, we plan to go to China to make a TACE to decrease the risk of cancer spread. Please advise if TACE is important before PVE? How long gap time is the best between TACE and PVE? If we do nothing and simply continuously use the 5-FU +OX chemo, is it safe for us to wait for the 4/20 PVE? Please advise, thanks!
Bob, 2017-Mar-05

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