Belly Button Question

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Belly Button Question

Postby CMeeks » Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:07 pm

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I've had one scan since the end of my chemotherapy and it came back negative.

however, now I have a weird problem with my belly button and wanted to ask if anyone else experienced anything like this.

My belly button looks red (about half of it) and it feels like a scab. It does not hurt at all. It became like this after I had some cramps associated with a scar tissue adhesion from my colonectomy (this was about a month ago).

my doctor thinks that it is a kind of hernia that has resulted from a scar tissue adhesion, but he also said I should have it biopsied just in case.

now I'm waiting for my new insurance to kick in so I can get all of this done and the waiting is driving me crazy, so I just wanted to see if any of you have had any similar, crazy experiences with your belly buttons.

Well wishes to everyone,

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Postby cynnycal » Mon Aug 21, 2006 9:43 pm

my bellybutton (inside of it) is kinda red, and it gets scabby like stuff (or what i just thought was crust)
it's not anything i'm really concerned about mostly, i thought it had something to do with getting my ovaries moved laproscopically (b/c they went in through my bellybutton).
i pick at the crusties, clean it out, etc.
did they do your colectomy laproscopically?

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Belly Button Question

Postby Billy » Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:53 am

Chet, your belly button is red and scabby? Dude, that's just not right. I hope it's not something serious, you know, like cancer or something.

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Postby Holly » Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:44 pm


First things first, there are many programs to cover the costs of the biopsy and procedures you need. I emplore you DO NOT wait. Likewise, you provider can creatively bill the insurance, if you need help working the system, simply ask.

Chet, you know me well enough to know that I am going to tell you to be PROACTIVE in the management of your health. Any redness, swelling or 'scabbing' is not normal and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You have kicked cancer's ass. You must consider your 'whole' bodys wellness.

If you need alittle guidance with the insurance issue or finding funds to cover the costs of your procedures, send me a line and I will help you.

Though tulips are post season, I hope that you are finding a lovely substitute for your home!

You Rock!


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