Biofeedback and PT for LARS

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Re: Biofeedback and PT for LARS

Postby Joecool1983 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:49 am

So, I had a Rectal Balloon Dilation on Monday to help with the severe fragmentation/clustering I have been having since surgery. While not quite back to normal (I am still having fragmentation/clustering) I have noticed that the frequency with which it happens has reduced dramatically.
Diagnosed 12/17/15- 32 years old- Tumor 3"x1.5" at the Rectosigmoid Colon
Stage IIIA T3N1M0
Radiation and chemotherapy(Xeloda pill form) January 2016- February 2016
4/11/16- Surgery to remove the tumor/colon resection. Robotic LAR/Dissection of Lymph Node. 1/19 showed any involvement
5/16-10/16- Follow up chemotherapy- FOLFOX, 8 Treatments
1/17- Routine CT scan found 3 Metastases on my Liver
4/17-8/17- 5 Treatments Avastin/Irinotecan

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Re: Biofeedback and PT for LARS

Postby Bob_Weiss » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:43 am

After 6 years of LARS which was not improving with time (contrary to medical guidance), I began to add Metamucil to all meals and snacks. This led to tremendous improvement, although it increased my gas output -- both belching and farting. To me, this was a satisfactory trade. I no longer hesitate to leave the house.
Stage 3 R/C -1 node+ ( 7/09)
5 wks radiation, 2 wks chemo: 5FU (8-9/09)
Rectal surgery: tumor removal (11/09)
10 rounds Xeloda: 3000mg/daily 1 wk on/1 wk off (1/10-6/10)
Supplements: Aspirin, Calcium, Vit. D3
03/27/17: 7+ yrs. since surgery--still NED

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Re: Biofeedback and PT for LARS

Postby Jacques » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:41 am

My biofeedback and PT uses the YsY Medical system described here:

YsY Evolution brochure in English

It allows for a baseline to be recorded and for session averages to be saved and compared to the original baseline.

The PT involves electrostimulation sessions to improve the neural sensibility in the rectal region. These 'electrothérapie' sessions are supposed to help improve bowel control over the long term.

There is an article on the YsY biofeedback system in case you're interested. It shows what some of the bio-feedback screens look like. I use the system only under their ano-rectal protocol

Article on Biofeedback
DX(2012): RC
Stage IIc,T4b N0 M0 L0 PN1 H0 D0 P0 I1
MSI: not tested
Chimiothérapie adjuvante : capécitabine + oxaliplatine
CEA < 1.0,
5 years NED,
End of 6-month follow-ups: 7/2017
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Re: Biofeedback and PT for LARS

Postby Rich.P » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:29 am

Hi all,
In Canada we can buy over the counter acetaminophen with 15mg caffeine and 8mg codeine and taking these for bad back I noticed my bathroom issues improved and I think it must be the codeine that is slowing my gut down. Previously I have taken loperamide to try and gain some control.
I'm also wondering if other people find that as soon as you eat you are running to the bathroom?


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