Signet Ring Cell Cancer of the Sigmoid Colon

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Re: Signet Ring Cell Cancer of the Sigmoid Colon

Postby BeckyH » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello Colon Club warriors,

I had my 9 month after chemo scan in early May and there was no evidence of disease. I am due for my next scan in mid to late August. So, we are doing our best to enjoy this summer. We are currently on the way home from a family vacation in Florida. Next week, we will celebrate our daughters 14th birthday. One thing cancer has given me is an appreciation for the ability to live and enjoy moments. As a fellow cancer warrior told me, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Use your energy wisely.

Physically I am doing okay. I continue to have hand/foot neuropathies. I have to be careful with my diet but that is to be expected when someone yanks out 18 inches of colon, right? Mentally I do okay most of the time. I find it easier to assume a recurrence will occur than not. Only time will tell, right?

Best wishes to all fellow colon cancer warriors out there!

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Re: Signet Ring Cell Cancer of the Sigmoid Colon

Postby fumaros » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:36 am

Thanks for checking in. I am glad you are going okay and getting clean scans. I understand how you feel especially the mental aspects. The neuropathy in my feet has reduced significantly to where I don't notice it when I wear shoes, so hopefully yours should get better with time. I am getting an 8 month after chemo scan this month. So far so good here. I like to act and live my life without thinking of a re-occurrence, although I the fear is always at the back of my mind, and I get nightmares sometimes. But, that's part of surviving. I wish you more NED scans, and hope this is all in the past for you.

all the best
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