MSS-CRC Immmunotherapy Trial: Pembro (Keytruda) + Hiltonol

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MSS-CRC Immmunotherapy Trial: Pembro (Keytruda) + Hiltonol

Postby Maia » Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:06 pm

Not yet recruiting. Only in Georgia

MRP = MSS // mismatch repair proficient = micro satellite stable

"Pembrolizumab + Poly-ICLC in MRP Colon Cancer"

(That is: Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) + Poly-ICLC (Hiltonol; experimental viral mimic and broad activator of innate immunity) in MRP ( = MSS) Colon Cancer"

Only at Georgia Cancer Center, at Augusta University

"Current clinical trials are showing that patients whose tumors are mismatch repair deficient are more likely to respond to immune-boosting anti-PD-1 drugs—such as pembrolizumab—than those with tumors proficient in mismatch repair. The idea is that the greater the number of DNA glitches in a tumor cell, the more abnormal proteins it will produce—and the more abnormal proteins that are generated, the greater the odds that the body's immune cells will regard the tumor cells as "foreign" and target them for destruction. Thus far, PD-1 inhibitors have shown great promise for mismatch repair deficient cancer patients, but not for mismatch repair proficient (MRP) cancer patients.

In this clinical trial, the investigators hypothesize that treating MRP colon cancer patients with immunostimulating agent poly-ICLC will generate an inflammatory response, increasing epitope recognition and development of tumor reactive T-cells at the tumor site. However, interferon alpha and gamma produced by the poly-ICLC will increase PD-L1 expression and limit new T-cell development. Thus, PD1 blockade will increase the effectiveness of treatment with pembrolizumab."

Description of Poly-ICLC:
Activating the Natural Host Defense
Hiltonol (Poly-ICLC)

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