HBO Vice Special on Using HIV to cure cancer

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HBO Vice Special on Using HIV to cure cancer

Postby Marylandmaniac » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:06 pm

I was just watching the HBO series Vice where they were talking about using HIV to target cancer. I found this article online which shows the girl with leukemia that was in the story. ... kemia.html

Has anyone seen this and any thoughts on this?
DX 6/29/16 7 cm tumor, 10 cm fr av
CT scan ab,MRI abdomen - 9mm spot on liver,CT scan of chest lungs clear
Special staging MRI - clinical staging stage 3b - T3N2M0 (unless spot proves to be met)
8/11 PET scan - spot lit up not nodes
8/16 Port in, 8/17 liver microwave abltn - spot gone
8/23 6 rds FOLFOX started
PET scan 10-13 43% red of tumor and no mets shown
Exam tumor greatly reduced. Surgery 12-14-16.
Clear margins, 7 out of 13 nodes positive. Tumor 2.1 cm
Kras wild, MMS, not MSI. 6 more rds FOLFOX

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