Can you "only" use VA insurance at a VA hospital

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Can you "only" use VA insurance at a VA hospital

Postby Sams wife » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:29 am

If someone could even find me a search on it, will be fine. Colon cancer. Neighbors dads 2 chemos have failed. Gonna start on a pill. I was assuming stivarga but I am just guessing. The mom can't even say which ones he's done. She got my number. Maybe I can get her on here to look if she has some paperwork (pathology) on gene testing.(she said yes they have tested) idk what tho.

Fixing to call Siteman in MO because MSK gave us their name if we couldn't make it up there. And see if they take VA ins. I will have to go to bed soon to work 12 hrs a night for the next 2 nights. Can't be on here much for a cpl days. But I figured this was as good of a place as any to ask. Lots of smart people here :)

Just update on another friends dad with lung cancer:I told her about hubby's lymph nodes swelling. She said "that's where my dad has it!" & then asked what would make chemo for life for hubby. All I said is " I think" lymph nodes make chemo for life. I don't even really know. That is just what I think from picking up on y'all's posts. To scared to look myself I guess. I don't know if if I freaked her out or she's even thought twice about it. I did tell her if my hubby's lung spot was in an unresectable place like her dads, there would be only chemo. This is just bull! Alot of cancer. Now a guy hubby worked with is looking at cancer. He just said he would let him know. Didn't say what kind, he changed the subject. I hope it's not. To much cancer!

Thanks for any answers
Husband dx 1/13/15 St.2 CEA 7.1
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Surgery 6/8/2015 Stage IIa T3N0MX microscopic cancer left
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25% less 5FU/leucovorin 7/14/2015 x 26 CEA 3.4
25% more 5fu 9/2015
9/16/15 CEA 7.7
1/16/16 @ 9.2 during allergy?
3/16 New lung spot 4x4 mm
6/16 CEA 6.9 spot 5x5

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