cyberknife vs. radioembolization

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cyberknife vs. radioembolization

Postby Valerieraymonds » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:01 am

Hi all, new here. Im here on my Dads behalf STAGE IV COLON w/ METS TO LIVER
Quick backstory
7/24/14 (57 yrs )colonoscopy found 8cm sigmoid colon mass and numerous mets to liver
7/25/14 surgery to remove mass and resect colon- successful
9/2014 - began chemotherapy and completed 12 full rounds of the oxaliplatin 5 fu/LV
currently receiving chemo every other week. I think this is round 43 or something

My dad is doing great, considering. On his off weeks he's great and living life, working normal hours. Chemo weeks he's down for 3 or so days. CEA continues to drop, currently 2.3. His labs are always great, liver enzymes, bilirubin, blood cell count - all good.

Our oncologist has said my dad is a possible candidate for Cyberknife and Sir Spheres and Thera Spheres treatment on his now down to 5-7 liver lesions. ( he had upwards of 15 in the beginning. Has anyone been through either of these treatments and what was the outcome. I have mildly researched both and have a general idea of each type of procedure but not sure which is the optimal choice. Knowing my Dad , he'll choose based on cost and insurance:)

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