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Interview with Clinical Trial Principal Investigator of MSS-CRC MEK-PDL1 Immunotherapy Breakthrough

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:28 am
by DK37
There is a FANTASTIC, DETAILED and HOPE-filled interview podcast on MSS-CRC from ‪‎ASCO-2016‬ including an interview with Dr. Johanna Bendell (a Principal Investigator of the MEK-PDL1 trial) who explains the HUGE MEK+PDL1 breakthrough in easy to understand terms including optimism (but still unproven) it will have activity in a significant percentage of patients with both KRAS-mutant and KRAS-wildtype MSS-CRC (i.e. the entire patient population). Dr. Bendell is a clinical trial expert.

The concept of immunoscore (very important for MSS-CRC immunotherapy to guide patients towards an appropriate clinical trial) is also discussed by Dr. Jérôme Galon. Next, a representative from Genentech explains the clinical trial design process in the age of immunotherapy.

Sit down, take 30 minutes to listen, it is worth it! AND SHARE IT – patient education is so important in today’s fast moving research world

I have organized my various MEK-PDL1 trial coverage into a single new post - which includes a link to this VERY good interview.

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