BRAF-Mutant Small Bowel Cancer (or other rare cancers)

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BRAF-Mutant Small Bowel Cancer (or other rare cancers)

Postby DK37 » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:24 am

Posting/spreading the word of an clinical trial successful case for a rare cancer where treatments are very limited on behalf of a friend:

Attention anyone looking for clinical trial treatment options for metastatic BRAF-mutant Small Bowel Cancer (or any “rare” cancer that is BRAF-mutant)..... the following trial....ClinicalTrials. gov Identifier:
NCT02034110 ( ... 110&rank=1 ) is currently accepting and looking for participants to be treated with the inhibitors dabrafenib and trametinib which are currently approved for melanoma and are being studied for efficacy with rare cancers including small bowel adenocarcinoma. The studies are taking place at various locations throughout the US.

My husband started the trial in January at UCLA with 2 small tumors on his liver which recurred after resection and 20 rounds of chemo. On his May scan the tumors were no longer visible. He is having a big success with these drugs on this cancer which has been resistant to other treatments. His main side effects have been bouts of high fever and night sweats which are currently managed with the addition of steroids. The study requires monthly visits and the drugs are oral. My husband is fully functioning and feeling "well" on these meds. Please share & spread the word!

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Re: BRAF-Mutant Small Bowel Cancer (or other rare cancers)

Postby Zig2017 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:08 pm

My husband is currently being treated for adenosquamous right colon MSS and BRAF mutant. Also has mucinous and signet ring features 18/19 lymph nodes were positive for cancer. He’s stage 3C. So this is very interesting to me. Any new tools for the tool box is a good thing! Thank you for ALL you do!
Hubby stage 3C June 2017
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11/2017 moved care to Sloan clinical trial for BRAF mutation
1/30/18 off clinical trial
2/2/18 one dose of Irinotecan
2/5/18 Hospitalization and hospice
2/16/18 came home from hospital and went home to his Lord at 1:10 pm

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