Meredith's Miracles "Reverse Run"

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Meredith's Miracles "Reverse Run"

Postby Colon Girl » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:44 pm


Anyone in the Chicago area... listen up!

Meredith's Miracles has teamed up with FCB (in Chicago), a global advertising agency. They are hosting a "Reverse Run" as well as putting together a film of survivors to be used on social media. Any survivors interested in participating in the Reverse Run or the film please contact Rachel (see below).

The Reverse Run was created to increase awareness for colon cancer symptoms by having participants cross the finish line where the problem starts – the butt. The goal of this run is to find a fun way into a serious conversation. We want to spread the message of awareness to as many people as possible so we are creating a film that will document the inaugural Reverse Run and will be socialized online to reach as many people as possible. An important part of this film is sharing survivor’s stories

If you are a colon cancer survivor and are willing to be interviewed on April 24th in Chicago, please email:

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

The video will leave you …. BREATHLESS !!!

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