New Column & Blog Post - Personalized Immunotherapy: Therapeutic Vaccines

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New Column & Blog Post - Personalized Immunotherapy: Therapeutic Vaccines

Postby DK37 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:59 pm

I have two new posts to share today - both have to do with what I consider very a exciting new immunotherapy technology starting to enter into Phase 1 trials: Personalized Therapeutic Vaccines.

The first is my monthly The Currently Incurable Scientist science column which goes over the basics: ... -vaccines/

As a follow-up to this column, I also wrote a new personal blog post further detailing personalized immuntherapy vaccines – the science, the excitement and the urgent need! http://adventuresinlivingterminallyopti ... notherapy/

From the blog: “…If the possibility of a solid tumor cure is dependent on it – what could be more incentive to engineers to figure things out than that? Disruptive technologies are always hard but when they offer something previously unobtainable (and desperately sought after) – they lead and the world follows.

I can’t accurately predict if a personalized cancer therapeutic vaccine will eventually cure anyone’s cancer – since by definition, science is all about pushing the boundaries of knowledge & attempting the currently unknown. What I can say though is that many scientific and engineering stars are aligning for the very first time to make a strong shot on that goal using this strategy. As a scientist-patient-advocate that is what I am looking for – for myself & others. Strong shots on goal. I need it, my fellow cancer patient community needs it, and the world needs it.”

My personal opinion is that I honestly think the best shot at maximizing immunotherapy response rates will involve a mixture of teaching the immune system + activating it. Keep an eye on this technology. Hopefully it works-

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Re: New Column & Blog Post - Personalized Immunotherapy: Therapeutic Vaccines

Postby jortego128 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:50 pm

I posted about a phase 1 personalized peptide vaccine trial starting at MDA this coming March a while back. Wasnt sure you'd seen it!

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