Tas 102 and cea

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Tas 102 and cea

Postby suekidera » Sun May 24, 2015 7:44 pm

I haven't posted on colon club for many years. The good news is I am still alive after many years!!! I was dx in 2005 with stage 4 colon cancer. Ten years of surgery, chemo, biologics and radiation and life is still good and worth living. I am looking for information from anyone here with experience with Tas 102. I have been on it since February and had my first scan since I stared and things are very stable. The part that is bugging me (pretty familiar story isn't it?) is the darn CEA keeps going up. It was 17 when I first started and is now 30. The PI that I am working with at Yale doesn't check CEA, but she has no rational for why. She basically says "the study doesn't call for it". Of course my question is "why not"? In the meantime my own doc where I live (I travel to get the treatment) still wants a 6 week CEA check. Probably just to drive me crazy. Anyone hear anything about TAS 102 making CEA invalid? It has always been a good marker for me, but I realize this drug works in a novel way. Thanks.

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