RRX 001 trial update #3

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RRX 001 trial update #3

Postby smalltownmess » Mon May 11, 2015 11:54 am

Hi all,

My mom saw her oncologist this morning at Stanford and I have some updates on her progress on the trial.

Her oncologist stop irinotecan and avastin and will be switching her to stivarga. From what I understand he wants to give her one round on stivarga and then reconsider RRX. Unfortunately I couldn't go with my mom to her appointment so I'm not sure why he opted for going to stivarga over RRX again. Her rumors have been growing and her CEA is rising. Stivarga is a scary drug for me based on what I have read, but hopefully it's manageable for my mom.

At this point I think it's probably a good idea to begin looking at immunotherapy trials. Can't give up yet.

Any advice from anyone is extremely appreciated!
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