Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby janderson » Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:08 pm

It's nice to hear from you although I wish it was under much better circumstances.
DX 10-05 stage IV
liver resection 12-05 Folfox1-05 to 7-06
Liver resection 8-07 Folfiri 9-07 to 3-08
Liver resection 12-11
Recurrence 2/7/2014, liver, chestwall mets, 16 rounds chemo
7/3/14, y90 radioembolization, steady shrinkage
12/8/14, cryoablation to liver and chest wall
6/1 to 6/26 SBRT radio surgery
7/2 more cryo ablation to right lung
7/16 lung infection drain tube installed
9/4 chest wall resection to remove 2 ribs

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby pukalania » Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:53 pm

Olivia so good to hear from you...sending lots of love your way
wife 34 dx DH stage IV
Feb10 col res
May10 12 x FOLFOX
Aug12 tumor in sig colon,mets in liver
Aug12 Xeliri Ava
Oct12 xel celebrx rad
Feb13 liver/colon res
Sep13 ill reversal, fistula,
Folfiri SBRT,ADAPT ava
Apr 15 continued growth liver and lungs

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby vilca11 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:15 pm

Dear Olivia, here is what I found on WebMD for the pain caused by bone mets - I think, these options could be considered:


These drugs contain radioactive elements that target cancer cells. Doctors tend to use this systemic treatment when the metastasis is stimulating new bone growth. This is more common with prostate cancer.

If your cancer has spread to many bones, these drugs may be a better option than standard radiation, which uses a beam to aim radiation at each bone metastasis. However, sometimes doctors combine radiopharmaceuticals and standard radiation.

How it works. The doctor injects a single dose of the drug into a vein. It then travels to the areas of bone with cancer and gives off radiation to kill the cancer. This single dose may be effective against pain for several months. You can receive another treatment later.
Possible side effects. The most common ones include:
•Temporary increase in pain (flare reaction)


With this local treatment, a needle or probe is put into the tumor to destroy it. Though used more often for other types of metastasis, ablation can help if you have a problem with one or two bone tumors.

How it works. Some methods of ablation use chemicals or alcohol to kill the tumor. Two common methods include:
•Radiofrequency ablation (RFA). A needle delivers an electric current to heat the tumor.
•Cryoablation. A probe is used to freeze the tumor.

Afterward, the doctor may fill the space created by ablation with bone cement to help stabilize the bone.

Possible side effects. This procedure is generally safe but may cause some temporary soreness, swelling, and bruising.

Nerve End Ablation

This noninvasive procedure uses ultrasound energy and MRI technology to provide pain relief by destroying nerve endings in the area of the tumor. Because there is no incision, and no probe is inserted, the procedure is typically done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. While complications are possible, they are rare.

How it works. A specialist uses MRI scanning to target the specific area to be treated with ultrasound. Then, heat that's made when ultrasound penetrates the targeted tissue destroys nerve endings in the bone around the tumor. The destruction of nerve endings results in pain relief.

Possible side effects. Possible complications include skin burns and damage to heat-sensitive organs that are next to the treated area.

Holding your hand, Vilca
11/2005 CC stage 1, F,50yo@dx
Mod dif adenocar, MSS, APC, TP53, CEAs1.6-4.8
1/12 1met liver@Vena Cava, RFA, 3oxi,11 5FU
8/13 2 mets same place,SBRT
4/14 2 Xeliri+Avastin
5/14 Nano Knife liver same 2 mets
6/14 2 Xeliri, ADAPT
4/15 PET, 2 same mets,Cryo Liver
5/15 MJ Oil, Herbs, Suppl, ADAPT
10/15 PET, same area, doubled in size, high SUV
10/15 RH, HAI, visceral involv., no LN
2/16 red FF, 50% red dose FUDR, CEA trends up
3/16 CT, PET, MRI L.Lobe all in small tumors
4/16 No acceptable options, going home

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby pollo65 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:16 pm

Olivia, so great to hear from you, sorry you are going through this pain and emotional agony. You are so loved by so many of us ((((hug))).
Pollo 65
CC 1/6/09
r. hemi-colectomy 1/7/09
32Ln biopsied, 28 positive
met to aorta
chemo 12 rounds
done 9/09 3 scans clear
1/11 1 met to aorta
micro cluster to peritoneum
4/11 / 9/11 scan clear
4/12 scan clear
10/12 scan clear
chemo break

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby KWT » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:18 pm

I'm so glad to see you post, even if the news is less than great. Just nice to see your face.

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby orcasres » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:46 pm

I don't have advice. Just hope you know how much you were missed here. Lois
63 yo F
Colon resection Sept. 2010
pT3N0M0 Stage 2A
Medullary Tumor 6.5cm long
Lymphovascular invasion
Lynch negative
12 FOLFOX 11/2010 to 5/2011 8 w/Oxi
NED so far

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Cb75 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:27 pm

Nice to see your light. I'm sorry to hear about your pain. xo

cb <3`
39y female Stage IV
diagnosed April 2012
sigmoid resect May 2012
liver resect Aug 2012
Folfox Oct 2012
lungs Sep 2013
R and L laser lung resection Nov 2013/Feb 2014
FOLFIRI and Avastin Apr 2014 ongoing...

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Danieljt » Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:08 pm

Olivia, we all were so worried about you. We hope you get the relief for your pain. Hugs to you.
Dan n Jackie
70 male stage 3b cc
Dx 5/9/14
Resection 7/1/14
dx 9/14
65 yr wife DLCl
Sct 3/21/19 Ned last 8 mo.

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby chrissyrice » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:11 pm

So happy to hear from you too.

We love you and will be here for you Oliva.... cause you deserve it.

DX 10-31-09 Surgery 12-1-09 Sigmoid Colon
Stage IIIb T3,N2,MX; Chemo Feb 2010-Aug 2010; 4 rounds Folfox; 8 rounds 5FU +LV
12/2010 PET/CT Scan, Cancer Free
7/2012 CT Scan NED 2 years
10/2013 NED 3 years
8/2014 NED 4 years
Recurrence 6/2015: iliac lymph node(s)
8/2015 Surgery: 3 cm tumor removed+iliac artery graft
3/2016 CT Scan Stable
6/2016 Stable
9/2016 Stable
12/2016 Stable
3/2017 Stable
Recurrence 6/2017
12/2017 Surgery removed all cancer w/ clean margins
07-27-2018 Cancer-free for 7 months

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby jgall » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:41 pm

I'm just so happy to see you posting again, Olivia. I'm sorry for the new, though :(

DH Chris, 50, Dx Nov '10 Stg 4
cardiac arrest from 5-FU
Iri/Erbi, RFA, liver/colon resection, more Iri/Erbi
Oct14-Feb15 clinical trial
SIRT Apr15-unsuccessful
Stopped treatment May15
Hospice July15
Passed 8/15/15

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Delinda2 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:56 pm

Of course you deserve our love and concern. I think you should listen to the suggestion to let your advocates push the doctors re pain meds and management. How I hope you have a trusted loved one to help handle phone calls, messages, setting up appointments, etc. That leaves you free to rest and focus your strength on handling side effects and healing. (GREAT suggestion.) Just take care of yourself & post a little whenever you can, if only to say hello. Sending love and light to you dear one. XXOXO, Delinda
63 yrs,wife & mom
4/14 dx colon cancer,3C,9/22 nodes
Lymphatic,venous,&perineural invasion
<1cm margin,poorly differentiated
6/14 colostomy take down
7/14 FOLFOX w/9 Nulasta shots
2/16 dx new primary of sigmoid colon
6/16 surgery-rescection on sigmoid, total hysterectomy, temp ileo, stage 4
"I AM the storm."

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Bat-Mom » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:10 pm

I want to join in and say that I am happy to see your picture in the post. Sad to hear of your latest challenge. I am hoping that you will have success with a pain specialist. They are sure to have a few tricks to help out. Best of luck to you. Hoping that you have turned a corner and we will see more of you.

54 y/o
10-2013 colonoscopy
11-2013 colon resect
12-2013 stage 3b results are in 4 of 11 LN
12-2013 - 5-2014 folfox
9-2014 cea 1.7 12-2014 CT clear cea 1.7 3-2015 cea 1.6
6-2015 new doc new lab. Cea now 3.9???

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Lee » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:10 pm

chixter wrote:
singingholly wrote: I'm not sure I deserve it but I really love you.

Olivia, for all that you have encouraged, helped, and comforted here even in the face of your own fight.... you deserve our love and so much more. As strangers to each other we gather here for support in our own individual struggles. But emotions and feelings shared soon eradicate the barrier between strangers. You, my lady are loved here and like everyone I wish you peace and comfort in the times ahead. Although I cannot physically reach you, I am holding your hand.


Chixter said it better than i could have. KNOW that your are in my HEART THOUGHTS and PRAYERS.

We are family and you are our/my sister.

(((HUGS))) to you, Olivia,

rectal cancer - April 2004
46 yrs old at diagnoses
stage III C - 6/13 lymph positive
radiation - 6 weeks
surgery - August 2004/hernia repair 2014
permanent colostomy
chemo - FOLFOX
NED - 16 years and counting!

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby lpas » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:14 pm

I'm so glad you posted, Olivia--we were all worried about you! I wish I had some advice to offer about the spinal mets, but it's not something I know much about. Please just know that everyone here is thinking of you and wishing you the best. I hope you find some better relief from your pain.

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11/14 Dx sigmoid CC @ 45yo
12/14 Colectomy + hysterectomy
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2/15-7/15 XELOX & celecoxib
2/19 clean scope
11/19 clean CT
Ongoing cimetidine & other targeted supplements
Mom to a 6 & 8yo

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Re: Where to start? (and where to finish, most of all..!?)

Postby Deborah Ann » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:11 am

So glad to see that you have posted...but sad that you are in so much pain...hope the docs can come up with some meds to help you. You have been such a source of strength to so many on this board...time to lean on all of us for awhile...(((HUGS))))

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