The Grim Reaper took another swipe at me !!

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Re: The Grim Reaper took another swipe at me !!

Postby Regan » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:01 am

He was such a bright spot. My DH has been gone now for 14 months. . . I am grateful to have had the colon talk during (and after) his four year struggle. Frenchie and SOOO many others from my daily time on here were truly helpful.

Just felt the need to tell you that.
DH dx 7/12
Stg IV RC liver mets
11/12 Hrt Attk by Folfox
1/13 Liver resct
4/13 LAR-Temp
1/14 revrsal
4/14 Hrnia surg 4/14
1/15 local recur, liver, lung, aortocaval region of retroperitoneum, anterior wall of distal abdominal aorta
2/15 Irinotecan
1/16 Lonsurf (fail--just zapped. Strength)
Aug 10, 2016 at rest

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