2016 Colondar 2.0 Applicants

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2016 Colondar 2.0 Applicants

Postby Colon Girl » Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:30 pm

2016 Colondar 2.0 model selections are in progress!

The Colon Club is combing through all the 2016 Colondar applications and bio's and we would like to thank everyone who applied... that takes "GUTS". Each of you deserves to be featured in Colondar 2.0 to share their stories! You are ALL Rock Stars!

If you are not selected this year, please do not take it personal or feel that your story wasn't "good enough". The selection process is done by fitting pieces of a puzzle together to represent all ages, races, genders, stages, precursors, fertility issues, etc. Please reapply next year. Many applicants are not selected the first year they apply. Christy Schmieler wasn't selected until she applied a second year and you can read her story in the 2015 Colondar 2.0 coming March 1!

We are down to our final selections and will call those who are selected no later than Sat., Feb. 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!). THANK YOU to everyone that applied! Good luck!
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