O/T. Bucket list

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O/T. Bucket list

Postby JDinNC » Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:04 pm

I saw a commercial the other night for Monsanto. Monsanto makes Round up which is what is being used in their GMO crops. We all should know the damage this GMO is having on our food and health...since round up is a weed poison. So the commercial theme "Bucket List" is pretty ironic...don't you think?
61 y/o female @ DX...........
6/13 DX- stage 4
Sigmoid colon cancer.
One met to lung
7/13 colon resection
8/13 lung resection
7/17 four years....NED
8/18 five years....NED
63 y/o @ DX
6/15 stage 2a
7/15 surgery on arm
7/15 NED
4/16 recurrance
5/16 remove metastasis from back
5/16. Started immunotherapy
8/16 discontinue treatment
7/18...PET scan...NED

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