Survivor from Aust Dx Nov 2000 colon/liver mets

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Survivor from Aust Dx Nov 2000 colon/liver mets

Postby crisco26 » Sat Jul 08, 2006 4:15 am

I was dx Nov 2000 with tumour in ascending colon and 3 liver mets one 12cm ne 5cm and one under 1cm. Colon was resected Nov 2000 no lymph node involvement. Liver resection was planned but couldn't proceed due to complications at the time. Hepatic port implanted, gall bladder removed Feb 2001, 5FU/Leuk chemo started via port for 6mths
then Oxaliplatin added final 3mths - no decrease in met size in liver.
Told to go away and make the most of my last 6mths.
Found surgeon in Aust to operate resected 80% total right lobe of liver
Feb 28, 2002. No follow up chemo, scans clear Feb 2006.
Blood levels pathetic still after all this time paltelets way down and wbc low.
My question is does anyone have a hepatic port left in after chemo, I still have mine and it's creating problems now though surgeons won't remove
Keep positive everyone it does help


Postby Guest » Thu Aug 03, 2006 7:55 pm

Wow what a story. I still have my pump in been over a year since my liver resection and 5 months off chemo. It bothers me sometimes but I am dealing with it. I know a person who had the same as me stage 4 colon and liver mets and had the pump etc and had it removed quickly. He keeps telling me to keep it in as long as possible. He truly believes his cancer came back because of the additional surgery. I plan on leaving it in for a while. etl nj

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Postby Ron50 » Fri Aug 04, 2006 3:39 am

Hi Crisco,
Can't help with the port but congrats on survival. I'm up on the sunshine coast north of bris ,dx in 98 stage 3 with 6 nodes bad ,will be 9 yrs clear in Jan. Stay well I'd say it is probably time to get rid of the port,good luck Ron.

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