My Husband Died

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Sharon Brent
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My Husband Died

Postby Sharon Brent » Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:54 pm

My Dearest CC Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I come to tell you all that my Beloved Husband of 19 years, lost his fight with Stage 4 Colon Cancer on Saturday 15 November 2014, 4.30 pm GMT just 9 days after his 48 birthday

He was not doing very well and they discharged him on Wednesday 12 November to come home with Palliative Care, I only had 3 days with him at home before he died, but I am happy he died at home with me and the children, they do not know he is dead and think he’s back in hospital again, I am trying to work out how to tell them and there are so many things going through my mind I just get a head ache

I will be travelling to Nigeria for 2 Months from 7 December to Celebrate Christmas, my daughters 2nd birthday, New year and also my husband Funeral, the my other daughters 6 birthday in February, we fly back to London the second week of February

I think I am still in a bit of Denial as there are so many things to organise before I travel, and lots of friends are coming and going to make sure I am OK, but I feel so alone it hurts.

Although, I have no regrets, he died at home with the children and I and he was not in pain as I was the one giving him all his medicine and oral morphine, everyone says that I looked after him well and he was proud of me and the children, but you always feel as though you could have done better

I trust in God and know my husbands watching over me making sure the children and I are OK, after we return from Nigeria I know things will be hard and we might even need to sell the house, but I can’t think about that now, I just focus on one day at a time.

This poem encapsulates my feelings about my husband and has always been a favorite poem of mine

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Well, I wish all my CC friends who are fighting this awful disease, all the strength they need to defeat this scourge of Cancer.

I thank everyone that responded to my posts, sent me PM and gave me advise, I may be offline for a few months but I will try to check in and read any replies and answer any PM.

Thank You all again
Much Love and Kisses from London
DH, 47yo, Dx Stg IV, mCRC, lvr, lng 1/14, Tx Capeciabine 9 rnds
Children 5 & 1
DH 48th Birthday 6 November in Hospital
Home palliative care on 12 November 2014
Called back to Jesus 4pm 15 November 2014
Life Celebration in Nigeria 8 January 2015

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby peanut_8 » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:00 pm

I'm very sorry to hear this Sharon. When we hadn't heard from you for a while, I was worried the news was not good. Wishing you strength to get through telling your beautiful girls and traveling to Nigeria.
female, diagnosed Jan 14, RC stage 2a, age 56
April 14, 28 chemo/rad with Xeloda
June 14 adjuvant Xeloda 6 rounds
currently NED

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby Flolita » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:03 pm

So sorry to hear this Sharon. Words to soothe you fail me at this time. May God keep you and your children close as you struggle with your grief.
Caregiver to DH
diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer 07/19/13
porta cath placed 07/25/13
Chemo started FOLFOX + Avasta
Starting CEA 385, lowest CEA 57, now at 79

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby DarknessEmbraced » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:04 pm

Sending you my deepest condolences.
Diagnosed 10/28/14, age 36
Colon Resection 11/20/14, LAR (no illeo)
Stage 2a colon cancer, T3NOMO
Lymph-vascular invasion undetermined
0/22 lymph nodes
No chemo, no radiation
Clear Colonoscopy 04/29/15
NED 10/20/15
Ischemic Colitis 01/21/16
NED 11/10/16
CT Scan moved up due to high CEA 08/21/17
NED 09/25/17
NED 12/21/18
Clear colonoscopy 09/23/19
Clear 5 year scans 11/21/19- Considered cured! :)

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O Stoma Mia
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Re: My Husband Died

Postby O Stoma Mia » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:08 pm

Dear Sharon - I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. May God be with you and with your family during the difficult days ahead.


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Re: My Husband Died

Postby Lee » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:08 pm


I am so very sorry to read your post. Please accept my condolences to you, your children and all of your family. I have been in your shoes and I pray GOD is with you and your family to give you strength and love in the days ahead. From what you have written about your husband. He was a caring man who loved his family.

I am so sorry for your loss.

rectal cancer - April 2004
46 yrs old at diagnoses
stage III C - 6/13 lymph positive
radiation - 6 weeks
surgery - August 2004/hernia repair 2014
permanent colostomy
chemo - FOLFOX
NED - 16 years and counting!

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby Lorri » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:12 pm

Very sorry for your loss! God Bless you and your children.
Lorri - 45 yr female -stage IV sigmoid colon
6/13/14-CT Scan-2 mets to liver and 3/23 nodes
6/30/14- Surgery removed sigmoid and 3 nodes
7/23/14-PET scan
7/28/14- Port
8/18/14- started chemo Oxyplat/zeloda

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby NWgirl » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:28 pm

You have my deepest and most sincere sympathy. Despite such a painful loss, you sound like you are doing well and staying strong. I hope you are able to tell the kids soon. They are stronger than you think and even young children can come together to help all family members grieve and carry on together.
Belle - "Don't Retreat - Reload"DX 10/07 Stage III Rectal
Surgery 11/07; 27 of 38 nodes
Perm Colostomy 8/11
12/10 recurrence lungs & LN's
VATS Jan 2011
Radiation Oct 2013
Chemo for Life
2012 Colondar Model

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby coloradowalt » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:38 pm

So sorry for your loss.
DW 53
12/13 DX Stage IV liver, Peritoneal and LN
12/13 Colon resection
02/14 FOLFOX with Avastin (thru 08/06)
08/26 Aborted liver resection
09/26 Obstruction, massive tumor (pelvic floor and left abdomen)
10/02 Our journey ends

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby mackswife » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:03 pm

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your cnildren as you move through the days ahead. I know you'll have many sweet memories to sustain you. Pattie
Husband IIIC;
7/12 - resection; 12 rounds folfox
CT/PET scans 4/13, 9/13 - NED
CT scan 3/14 - liver/LN mets
5/2/14- failed liver resection - peri. mets.
6 rounds of iri/avastin
8/26/14 - failed liver resect/HIPEC. dse. progression
9/14 - 3/15 - progression on chemo
3/23/15 - treatment stopped; working the bucket list

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby Willobie » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:26 pm

I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Husband dx colon stage 4, Aug 2014
8/14 Surgery to remove tumor
9/14 Five rounds of FOLFAX w Avistan, 5FU
1/3/2015 RIP

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby kirac » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:15 pm

So sorry to hear. I'll be thinking of you and your girls. Hugs.
Husband (Age 36) 1/13 Dx Stage 3B rectal cancer
3/13 Chemoradiation
6/13 Tumor removed, Temp ileo, 1/15 nodes
7/13 Chemo = Oxaliplatin, Xeloda
1/14 Reversal
7/14 NED, CEA 1.8
12/14 CLEAR CT scan! NED

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby sjring » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:19 pm

Sharon, so sorry to hear of your husband's passing. Our prayers are with your family.
50 YO Husband & father of 2 teenagers.
DX 9/9/13 Stage 4 cc (at age 48)
16 Rounds FOLFOX + Avastin (Oct-13 to May-14)
Maintenance chemo - Avastin & 5-FU infusions (Jun-14 to Jul-15)
Jul-15: Mets to lymph nodes, resuming FOLFOX
Sep-15: MRI showed stability, back to maintenance chemo.

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby rkolo » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:04 am

Hi Sharon, I'm so sorry for your loss, may God send you strength, prayers for you and the kids,

Dad Stage IV 15/03/14
r heimocolectomy blockage
liver+peri mets
17/06 folfori/cetuximab for 24 weeks
Oct 14, ct partial response, all else clear
Dec 14, chemo break and ct 17/12
Jan 15 folfiri 4 on/2 off x 2
March cancer progression+jaundice
Treatment stopped, near liver failure, pallative f/u
At rest 26/04 angel of heaven

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Re: My Husband Died

Postby orcasres » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:17 am

I am so sorry for your loss and wish only the best for you and your children. You did your very best for him and now you must take care of yourself and your children.

63 yo F
Colon resection Sept. 2010
pT3N0M0 Stage 2A
Medullary Tumor 6.5cm long
Lymphovascular invasion
Lynch negative
12 FOLFOX 11/2010 to 5/2011 8 w/Oxi
NED so far

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