More Cancer Immunotherapy progress made

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More Cancer Immunotherapy progress made

Postby joe7777 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:20 pm

New major prgress has been made using Immunotherapy treatments for Bladder Cancer.
It appears combining checkpoint inhibitors like PD1 PDL1 IDO LAG3 and the 20 others with CAR T cell Immunotherapy may be the most likely way to turn most types of cancer into a manageable chronic disease.
A Cocktail of Immunotherapy treatments combined with targetted agents and ADC s may also be needed as well as some cyberknife treatment.
Its also hoped more will enroll in clinical trial since now there is a chance for a cure when before the best you could hope for was a few more months of life.

I would appreciate other advocates who are following these kinds of treatments to coment- as I have been since 2010- thank you ... 02076.html

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