Side Effects of Cancer Chemo/ treatments & Supportive Care

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Side Effects of Cancer Chemo/ treatments & Supportive Care

Postby WifeOfMike » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:14 pm

Unwanted & nasty side-effects to patients skin & what to do about it has been an ongoing topic throughout all cancer chats
I have looked side-effects up in the past numerous times on hubby's journey- both here & on the internet, & it has helped hubby's Quality of Life many times
I have also posted helpful hints numerous times to many that are behind us in their journey, to help pay back to the community

I just came across this article which shows some of these side effects and it offers clinical remedies from an Oncologist publication-
I thought it would be appropriate to post them for any seeking answers
WARNING: It shows extreme cases and I do not want to alarm or startle anyone just starting chemo

However knowing what to ask for- in case YOUR ONC does not offer them can be a savings grace to YOU or YOUR LOVED ONE

Dermatologic Adverse Events Associated With Systemic Anticancer Agents -
Novel cancer agents have brought about significant improvements in patient survival while reducing systemic toxicities, when compared with cytotoxic chemotherapy. Therefore, other components of cancer management have come forward, such as supportive care and psychosocial well-being. Most notably, dermatologic adverse events have gained considerable attention due to their high frequency, appearance in functional and cosmetically sensitive areas, and association with symptoms of pain and pruritus—all of which lead to decreased quality of life and inconsistent dosing. In turn, clinical outcomes may be affected with dose modifications, in response to these untoward events.

Additionally, therapies targeting specific pathways and proteins critical to cancer cells are noteworthy for inducing dermatologic adverse events, which may affect up to 90% of treated patients. These toxicities are usually class effects, and may be noted with the use of monoclonal antibodies or small-molecule kinase inhibitors sharing similar targets. These effects may occur at different cycles during therapy, and not all patients develop the archetypal toxicities (Table1). - ... s=25102014

Wishing everyone the best journey possible
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Re: Side Effects of Cancer Chemo/ treatments & Supportive Ca

Postby raym » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:31 pm

I am the pharmaceutical side effect poster boy. Drugs chemo and non-chemo hit me hard and at times to the detriment of my immediate health.
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