Any Males have HAI/Liver Resection at MSK?

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Any Males have HAI/Liver Resection at MSK?

Postby hart2hart » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:00 am

Good Morning All -

Pete wanted to know if any Males out in Club Land have had Liver Resection/HAI
at MSK? Would love to know how you fared, etc. How was recovery from surgery -- Back to work, etc?
We would love to hear from ya. Also, anyone have D'Angelica?

Surgery is this Friday - I guess you wait for Sloan to call you with the times!

Suggestions were to bring an extenison cord and slippers. Any other suggestion?

We can't believe how Huge the Hospital is. WOW!

Thanks from Julie and Pete
Stamford, CT
Pete- (60) Stage 3 VLRC 11/11
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12 Treatments 5 FU/Lecov 8/12 - 2/13
Succ Reversal - 4/13
Clean Colonoscopy - 8/13
Liver Met - 10/13
Pete (hubby) Stage 3 VLRC - 11/11
Chemo/Rad/Ace Surgeon - 11/11 - 4/12
Oxi/Xeloda (Severe Toxicity to OXI) - 5/12 - 6/12
5Fu Only - 8/12 - 2/13
Liver Resection/Hai Pump/Folfiri/FUDR - 10/13 - 5/14
Lung Ablation (MSKCC) - 12/31/2014
Xeloda through 4/2015
NED - 1/2015 - 1/2020
Hai Pump/Port Removed - 1/2020

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Re: Any Males have HAI/Liver Resection at MSK?

Postby radnyc » Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:13 pm

Hey there, had same surgery there 3 years ago. Surgery went as planned, took about 5 hours. I was there five days, no complications. I was mobile as soon as I could, walking around the floor. I took the minimum stuff for my stay there, my goal was to leave there as soon as possible, and not treat it as a hotel room, for me, psychologically, this was part of my recovery strategy. My surgeon was Jarnagin, they are all top level surgeons there. MSK likely does the most liver surgeries yearly of any hospital in the country, 300+, so these guys know what they are doing. Recovery took about a month, again, everyone is different, it may take longer for some. The chemotherapy regimen afterwards was much more challenging. You'll either be on Folfiri systemic and FUDR in pump, or Folfox and FUDR. I did Folfox before surgery and developed some neuropathy so the onc decided to go with Folfiri, according to MSK protocols both regimens are just as effective with the HAI treatment. Seven months total treatment. More or less is HAI therapy once every 3 weeks, systemic every two weeks. Means that once a month you'll get just pump therapy, this was the best as I had no side effects from it. The systemic Folfiri sucked big time, diarrhea and nausea, hello! It was kept in check mostly with the meds, but still. I suggest you make an appointment with MSK integrative medicine and work out a plan there. It was very helpful for me. Exercise and a healthy diet, post surgery are in my opinion key to recovery. GOOD LUCK!

DX Jan '10, at 47
Feb - colon resection - 2/17 nodes
April - liver mets - Stage 4
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August '10 liver resection and HAI pump
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NED since August 2010
Last treatment April '11
HAI Pump removed Dec '15

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Re: Any Males have HAI/Liver Resection at MSK?

Postby SeansWifeDenise » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:22 pm

You're in great hands Pete. My husband had HAI pump by Dr. D'Angelica last Spring. He is awesome and everyone associated with Sloan is amazing! He was there 7 days. Slow go in the beginning getting regular functions working properly and pretty sore. He took 8 weeks disability and right back to work! Good luck, hope all goes well!
Husband Sean diag 3/11 @ 44 Stage IV
Colon resection 4/11 Columbia Univ.
liver mets; MSKCC; Liver resect & HAI pump 3/12.
12/12 chemo break; 4/13 spot on lung; ablation.
Erbitux. 11/13 liver ablation. Still on chemo

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Re: Any Males have HAI/Liver Resection at MSK?

Postby Badass » Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:24 am

Hi Julie and Pete,
Just want you to know I am thinking about you on the big day! You are in great hands. Let us know how everything goes.

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7/13/13 1 liver met
8/13 Met resection /hai pump
4/14 Chemo completed (Irinotecan/5fu/fudr in pump)

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