Love the chemo break!

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Ashlee H.
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Love the chemo break!

Postby Ashlee H. » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:04 pm

How I love being on a chemo break!! It's only been a month, but I'm starting to feel like my old self again. My sense of smell is back and my eye sight has gotten better. I am finding I get very excited about life and doing things, and then I just crash with exhaustion - but I'll take it. I know my body is trying so hard to repair the damage from the last chemo (CPT11/Zaltrap). I had a gym membership for years, but the one I went to closed, and I didn't want to travel to the next closest one. I know we have a few advocates here for exercise, and studies have shown it is beneficial in battling cancer. Recently, I started therapy for my foot and get to ride the bike - I felt so much better. to a gym to sign up. Not to bash men, but this is a woman's only gym. It's clean, nothing is ripped, everything works - and no loud grunting sounds as they pull weights (the same weight I've pulled). And, to top it off, this place has a Class A spa - and a monthly treatment is part of the package. It feels so good to stretch the muscles, use the muscles, and then get the muscles massaged. I've had so many years of doctors appointments and medical treatments it is nice to spoil myself trying to be the best I can be even though I've been kidnapped by cancer. And...if the exercise helps to keep the cancer stable...or DIE....I'm all for it.
Now, when I go back on chemo....I'll be curious if I'll have the energy to continue with some type of exercise program - but I'll worry about that another day.....
- Ashlee
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby BrownBagger » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:19 pm

Great news, Ashlee. It's been about six months for me, but I do recall my last chemo break. It felt so good to have my strength and stamina return. I remember looking up at the clock in the kitchen in the evening, and being amazed that it was 10:00 or 11:00 already. I'm rarely up that late on chemo. And yes, your lust for life kind of returns when you're not being poisoned on a regular basis.

As you know, I still get plenty of exercise while on chemo, and I think it helps me a lot. Something worth keeping up with if you can when/if you get back on "the juice."

My last recurrence followed a long period of relative inactivity for me, so I'm hoping that my much more active summer schedule will help forestall future outbreaks. Who knows, but it's a good source of encouragement.
Eric, 58
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby NWgirl » Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:55 pm

You go girl!
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby mstults » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:00 pm

Congrats. I just started a 3 weeks break today and am so glad but a little apprehensive.
Male Age 53. Dx CC with numerous liver mets 6/23/12. Colon res 6/24/12. Started folfox 7/24/12. Added avastin 8/27/12. CT 12/27/12 still showing shrink. Took 17 rounds of FOLFOX. Then 5-FU + Avastin. Switched to Irinotecan for 1 yr. CEA rose to >400. Switched to Vectibix 2/18/15. CEA decreasing. Scans show some growth in liver mets. Lung Mets stable to shrinking.

michelle c
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby michelle c » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:02 pm

Good for you Ashlee! The gym sounds wonderful! Enjoy!
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby smokeyjoe » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:07 pm

Oh, Ashley Enjoy!!!!! A massage after a workout sounds soooooo goooood :lol:

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby wifenurse » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:14 pm

Enjoy the heck out of the spa treatments. Glad that you are feeling better and enjoying this much deserved break from chemo.
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vancouver eve
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby vancouver eve » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:25 pm

You deserve to pamper yourself. Enjoy the break you have.

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby skypup » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:39 pm

Good for you, Ashlee! Isn't it amazing how fast our bodies bounce back from months of punishment?!

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby kiwiinoz » Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:56 pm

after 4 months of folfox, with 2 months to go I am really with you on the chemo break and getting back to a "normal life" no matter how temporary it may be.
Enjoy it and may it be a long one
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby vickitwo » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:06 pm


DH Dx 1/2012 @ age 52
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9 rounds of Folfox, Avastin,
radiation tx to L5 and hips
12/13/13 Folfox/Avastin
1/4/2014 passed away @ Hospice House- age 54

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby SammyJ » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:40 pm

Good on you for taking that step - can remember how hard it was to get back into it after just one lot of chemo, let alone what you have done. Am so glad to hear you are feeling so much better x
Diagnosed Stage 3A Rectal Cancer March 12, age 39
ULAR and temp ileostomy March 12
Folfox started April 12 , completed Oct 12.
NED 16/10/12
Ileostomy reversal 23 Nov 12....

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby edinaman » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:51 pm

Ashlee, that is great news. Take care of yourself and spoil yourself at the spa.
Went in for surgery for a cyst on my bladder, and they found colon cancer growing on the outside of the colon. Got to have two surgeries at the same time! Stage 3, one node involved.

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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby ConnieSPK » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:24 am

Hi Ashlee,

Glad you're enjoying your deserved break. I had that little break back around the 4th and it was SOOOO I'm back on the juice until late November. I've never been a big exerciser, I was traumatized by the Kennedy administration in grade school gym glass, so never much of an athlete either (it took me about 10 years to learn how to bowl decently). I do have a "Fit Desk" bike, though, and I can generally pedal about 30 minutes (after you get past the first 10). I don't have much resistance on it, but moving the joints is good and I can put my laptop on it and amuse myself while trying to ignore the fact that I'm exercising. I quit while on Zaltrap, just felt too crummy and was also worried about BP/heartrate with that drug....not taking that one again unless Avastin stops working for me.

I spend too much time on the couch, though, but I do chase a 4 year old around every other week (my oldest grandson), so that forces me to my feet pretty often. Keep enjoying every day you can. I lived in CA for about 10 years, and you certainly can't beat the weather there (although we're getting a nice little summer here in STL MO this year)

Have fun,

Connie K.
Dx08@54,StgIV Colon,Liver,Lung, ColonSurg,FOLFOX+Beva
09 LiverSurg
11 FOLFOX+Beva,ox reaction
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Kathryn in MN
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Re: Love the chemo break!

Postby Kathryn in MN » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:27 am

Woohoo! So glad you did get back to the gym and that you are feeling better and enjoying it! I know how you feel, and those chemo breaks are heaven - even if you still get fatigued easier than you'd like. Keep enjoying the improvements and the gym! (What keeps me going is the hope and thoughts of my next chemo break...)
CRC AUG09 Age 47
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