Scary (From my Lymphoma Board) re: Anti-Oxidants

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Re: Scary (From my Lymphoma Board) re: Anti-Oxidants

Postby Lara239 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:41 pm

Busymamaof3 wrote:My oncologist has said no antioxidants (including green tea) from the beginning. Crazy because I used to drink green tea like crazy and take tons of vitamins trying to be healthy and perhaps was feeding this cancer. I do take supplements prescribed by a naturopath but none are antioxidants. It is a balancing act for sure between what will help and what can hurt. So far my CEA is falling consistently so my supplements and chemo are hopefully working together just fine.

I think you hit the nail right on the head. It IS a balancing act and very complex unfortunately. naturpaths/herbalists/alternative doctors come in many forms. If you find a good one what KNOWS how to work with chemo....this is the key. Sounds like you found this. Most do not understand chemo and will try to give you a protocol that completely interacts (we had his experience infortunately with our first one) so it is important to do research on EVERYTHING your taking and run it by your oncologist too. Our oncologist approves everything my husband is taking.
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Re: Scary (From my Lymphoma Board) re: Anti-Oxidants

Postby PGLGreg » Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:22 pm

Lara239 wrote: is about time we had a different approach.

But it isn't really different, is it? The different approach is the genetic approach, but Watson is not on board with that, and wants everyone to go back to clarifying biological pathways and experimenting with various agents to alter those pathways. That's how chemo works now. (I know nothing about biology, but that's the impression I got from Watson's article.)
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Re: Scary (From my Lymphoma Board) re: Anti-Oxidants

Postby dianetavegia » Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:49 pm

What I see is..........

may undermine

according to a hypothesis

probably should not be taking

reasonable to suggest holding off

strongly hints that their general incurability more than occasionally arises from high antioxidant levels

His paper also suggested that "the time has come to seriously ask whether antioxidant use much more likely causes than prevents cancer."

no trials of antiantioxidant strategies have indicated more than a modest effect

"Unless we can find ways of reducing antioxidant levels, late-stage cancer 10 years from now will be as incurable as it is today,"
And yet he says………….. ‘patients don't need to avoid antioxidant-containing fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet’.

I don't take extra Vit. A, E, Selenium other than what is in my multi vitamin, but I'm not convinced that anti oxidants CAUSE cancer.
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Re: Scary (From my Lymphoma Board) re: Anti-Oxidants

Postby Surroundedbylove » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:33 pm

Four plus years ago when I started therapy my oncologist had a long talk with me about how vitamins and antioxidant supplements would inhibit the benefits of chemotherapy and he specifically forbid them except as approved by him. I took vitamin D3 (and still do) and I receive B-12 injections (mainly because of post-ileostomy absorption issues) but that is all. Food source antioxidants and vitamins were fine - real foods, not fortified.

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