Alternatives to Imodium for Clustering?

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Re: Alternatives to Imodium for Clustering?

Postby lauragb » Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:17 pm

I found that the Psyllium did help to bulk things up a bit but now I am having trouble with it giving me gas which did not happen the first few months of use. I haven't used imodium or lomotil because I don't have diarrhea but have thought about it for the clustering which gets excessive with me. I have to strain a lot sometimes and am concerned the meds would make that worse.

I would also love to find something to reduce the clustering. I am currently on an antibiotic which is giving me loose BMs. You'd think that it would all come out at once but no, even the loose BMs cluster. I went all day Saturday and finally did a tap water enema to stop the nonsense. I did another enema last night so I could work today.

Sorry, I'm no help. I'm just another person looking for that magic substance to make the current normal a little more normal.

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Re: Alternatives to Imodium for Clustering?

Postby robinkaye » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:21 pm

My husband had his reversal on Sept. 11th and it hasn't been fun. The clustering is awful, starts in the morning
then afternoons are usually a little better but the evenings and night are hell. He does Metamucil and Immodium and
is careful about what he eats but both of these are only helping a little. The doctor just prescribed Belladona Alkaloids with
Phenobarbital to stop colon spasms and slow him down. It does seem to be helping him get through the night a little better - actually has
about a 4 - 5 hour period when he doesn't have to get up to go. It's a narcotic and addictive, makes him drowsy but for some sleep it's worth it.

He also has a fistula and has a drain for almost two months, not sure of what the outcome will be. Removing the part of the colon with the fistula (very low)
would mean a permanent colostomy. Right about now I'm thinking that might not be so bad...we'd be able to live a little. As it is he can't be more than 50 feet from
a bathroom.
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