OLDER POSTS - PLEASE READ - Especially Newbies!

Please feel free to read, share your thoughts, your stories and connect with others!
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OLDER POSTS - PLEASE READ - Especially Newbies!

Postby eitter » Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:46 am

Welcome to all the NEWBIES, we are sorry you had to join, but will do anything we can to help you along in your journey!

Several really OLD posts have been reopened and there are several problems with this.

-First us oldtimers no they are old posts and do not read them.
-Many of the people that started them are no longer here and can't answer your questions any longer.
-And then some people get upset that those people are no longer here. We lost a lot of really really active and good people this past year, I think more then I can remember, and several that are hanging on for dear life right now. It is the nature of our disease!

I by no means want to discourage ANY of you, all I ask is that you ask your question in a new post so we all can help you.

And how old is old, I would say anything over a year old and maybe even 6 months old would be questionable.

DX 05/06 Rectal
6 Weeks radiation with 5FU
LAR 10/06 Stage III
Temp Ileo, reversal failed in 05/07 after 1m in hospital came out with a permanent colostomy

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