Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

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Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

Postby some » Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:39 pm

Does anyone know if Lynch Syndrome and Signet Ring cell are related? They both appear to be somewhat rare? Does anyone know the percentages?

I'm trying to figure out what our oncologist said today about the first step. He mentioned something about microsatellite instability negative (I know he said negative, but not sure if in relation to the microsatellites). He said that 95% of people with Lynch would test positive for this thing so that is a good sign we don't have Lynch which would be a great relief since we have young children. He said there is another test (path related to staining perhaps) and I think I'd like to push for the blood test if that is all it takes for genetic testing. Hoping the insurance will cover it based on my husband's young age (41). No other family history for him thankfully.

About signet. I asked today and they confirmed that the pathology report would have indicated signet ring cell if it was there. Do you all agree that is standard protocol for a pathologist regardless of whether they are at a large facility? They do have a cancer center at our hospital which makes me thing they would know what is important to notate in cancer cases.

Really liking our oncologist. He is positive and has an easy personality but answers all of our questions and is open to of course consulting with another oncologist at UCSF who of course has to be on sabbatical until January. In the mean time, I am happy with our plan and am hoping and praying for good results from Folfox7 plus Avastin on the peritoneal mets. Oncologist says he has had good response in the past and I see no reason for him to give us false hope.

Best to you all. I have been reading and learning so much for all of you and have to think that if the docs had access to all of these different cases they would learn a great deal more about how to beat this beast. Thank you for your help and support.

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Re: Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

Postby lepperl » Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:18 pm


I have signet ring cells and do not have Lynch Syndrome. Signet ring cells are unmistakeable under a microscope. They are named for exactly what they look like. A circle with the nucleus on top. Looks just like a ring. However, I could not say for sure if someone had a greater chance of having Lynch Syndrome if they had signet cells or signet cells if they had Lynch Syndrome. Even though I do not have Lynch Syndrome my children are able to have colonoscopy's 10 years before my diagnosis. So since I was diagnosed at age 41 they can start getting tested at age 31. Even if you (or your family member) does not have Lynch Syndrome colon cancer can still run in families.

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Re: Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

Postby janklo » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:20 pm

My daughter has signet cell and the pathologist would definitely mention it - it's pretty unmistakeable pattern in the cells. You can see if you look on Wikipedia, there is an example of signet cell. She does not have Lynch syndrome. They questioned if she might because my family history has breast cancer (several relatives) and I have a cousin who died from colon cancer at age 45. But the test came back negative for Lynch.

My daughter has peritoneal mets - she has been doing Xeloda with Vectibex and it's doing a good job on those mets!!! Killing them of from the view seen upon exploratory laparascopy a couple of weeks ago. See, chemo can affect peritoneal mets.
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Re: Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

Postby Laurettas » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:34 pm

I second janklo's comment on chemo and peritoneal mets. My husband had lots of mets on his peritoneum which were seen during surgery. One of them was detectable on one of his first scans. There has been no mention of them on a scan again even though he has lots of new mets in other places of 3 and 4 cm. I am assuming they must be dead since they don't show up on any scans and he never got ascites which is a very common side effect of active peritoneal mets.
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Re: Questions on Lynch Syndrome & Signet Ring Cell

Postby Sweeneytime » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:59 pm

I was tested positive for Lynch Syndrome and Signet Ring Cells. This appears to be rare. However, I was told the good news is Lynch Syndrome cancers are not aggressive. This was all caught very early. I am going for a second opinion at Sloan Kettering because my oncologist would like someone to just verify his suggestions. Love the doctor and I appreciate him trying to make me feel comfortable about any recession I may make. Tips and suggestions are appreciated. I only had surgery a month ago.

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