Radiation Proctitis ?

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Christine Smith
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Radiation Proctitis ?

Postby Christine Smith » Fri Oct 07, 2005 1:24 pm

Hey everybody Chris from San Diego here. Stage II Rectal CA 9/03 - had surgery with anastomosis, (pelvic abcesses for 2 months) 6 weeks radiation, 6 months chemo. Just found you guys recently and got my 2006 Colondar. I LOVE IT and for so many reasons. I was diagnosed at age 51 so don't qualify for the colondar unless I lie about my age! Realy nice to know the Colon Club is out there.

Anyway I am wondering if anyone who has had radiation would like to discuss urgency, frequency, and inflammation. I continue to experience all of the above; recently add to that an episode of rectal bleeding that led to a flex-sig with biopsies last week. I still await the pathology report, my GI doctor was optimistic but as we know doctors are educated guessers.

I'm not sure if I am writing for information or moral support - will take either or both.

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