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Next year

Postby alphagam » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:45 pm

To make it short, last year at this time, I was diagnosed with a T3 VERY LOW rectal tumor by TRUS. We went for a second opinion. This Dr. said that no radiologist "worth his salt" would accept that diagnosis without pathology. This surgeon wanted to do a TME to get the pathology. When he got in there, the tumor was not into the wall, only the lining. He removed the tumor, sent it to pathology (3 different labs) and they all came back with Stage 0 (cancer in situ) and high dysplasia. Not good, but I loved it. Fast forward to yesterday. Two very small polyps and scar tissue. All have been biopsied and I'll know the results next week. Surgeon says 3 year interval.... I'm not comfortable with that. I am thrilled with the results, I couldn't have expected more. God is so good!
Dx Feb 2010 4 cm tumor, just inside rectum
EUS stated T3 tumor
2nd opinion, need better path
Mar 2010 transanal surgery. Surgery by board certified CRS found tumor only in lining
6 exams of surg site, 3 PET, 3 scopes laterNED.
Scope in Mar2015, clean colon
Next scope/test in 3 years

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Re: Next year

Postby GreenLakeGirl » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:51 pm

Congrats on the stage 0 staging! Not to be a downer, but I'm surprised the surgeon suggested a three-year wait when there were polyps found on this scope. In the IBD world, I always thought that GIs would request a one-year return colonoscopy if they found a polyp. If you are really not comfortable with this suggestion (and not to be alarmist, but I wouldn't be either), I would push for a scope in 12 months.

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