Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

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Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

Postby Krisd1907 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:22 am

Hi everyone:

Couple questions :

1) has anyone had an allergic reaction in their hands to the OXI?? I had my 6th round yesterday, and within minutes of the oxi, my hands began itching like crazy!!! they stopped the oxi, gave me another 'premed' dose of decadron and benedryl and re ran the oxi after, and it was fine! I was told that it is a 1% chance of reaction?? Just curious if others have experienced and if in they had to switch drugs later in the treatment?? My mom had a allergic (breathing) reaction to OXI on her next to last treatment so they just discontinued the treatment (5 years ago) and so just curious... I meet with my oncologist prior to my next round so will discuss with her :)

2) I seem to be extra sensitive in the nose to the cold right now, again just started next round of treatment and curious if anyone else has had this issue??

3) I went to get my hair cut due to the thinning - and needing a different look that would disguise that problem - and the hair dresser recommended Nioxin shampoo- I have only been using for a week, but I am no longer pulling out hair when I wash my hair!!! Just thought I would mention in case anyone else is struggling with hair thinning as I was - and my or not have been told about this shampoo!!
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Re: Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

Postby SkiFletch » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:33 am

1 - Based on what I've read on this forum, I would hazard to say that an allergic reaction to oxali is not as rare as 1% of patients. I don't know how many get it, but it's more than that. I had one, although mine was almost anaphylaxis with flushed skin, burning sensation through out body, and slight difficulty breathing. Like you, Benadryl and Decadron took care of things for me. It was only tx 5 for me and my onc wanted more rounds of oxi. So we did a modified pre and during med schedule to my next set of infusions. I took an extra 25mg decadron before bed the night before infusion (along with a couple ativan to sleep...). Morning of, instructed to wake at 7am, 25mg more decadron, 25mg benadryl. During infusion, another 25mg decadron, then 25mg benadryl and tagamet immediately before infusion. Also oxali infusion slowed from 2-4 hours. This worked fine till round 10 when neuropathy caused a halt in oxali permanently for me.

We can only speculate on what your Dr will do, although given that your reaction (itching) is mild and was easily controlled by benadryl/decadron, it might just be he'll modify your pre-meds or do some combination of things, perhaps even differently than me. Every onc is different on this though, so who knows.

2- It has been extra-cold up and down the east coast the last few days... I did have lots of nasal issues and had to wear a neckwarmer covering my nose in winter, even while driving. Eventually my eyes became effected to, felt like someone was numbing/stinging my eyeballs at the same time, so I added a ski mask too. I frightened many fellow motorists during that time ;)
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Re: Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

Postby abuttigi » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:24 am


I'm not sure about your first question, but as for your second, my dad frequently complained that his nose is what hurt the most in the cold. We live in SE Michigan and he was on it last winter, so we would just bundle him up in a scarf that covered his nose. I would warm the car beforehand so he would just jump in as soon as possible. A skimask might have been more helpful, though. We also bought him hand and foot warmers because his hands and feet bothered him too.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

Postby sadysue » Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:50 am

Kristy...There are so many people that have different allergic reactions to oxali. 1%, no way. I've seen people who had to get oxygen half way through an infusion, I've seen people vomit during infusions, etc. In my case, my hands would itch quite a bit and then cramp up into claws and stay that way for a while. I've also had sensitivity in my nose but I think the onc said that was from the 5-FU. I had nose bleeds everyday when the weather got colder, until my dosage was cut back 20% and now my nose is perfectly fine. BTW, I had so many unusual problems with the oxali over the last couple of months, they decided to discontinue it after my last infusion. I only have 3 more infusions to go but the doctors were afraid it might be causing me permanet nerve damage since my reactions were severe and started right after my first infusion. Time will tell. Good luck in making the decisions that are best for YOU.
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Re: Allergic reaction in hands to Oxi; nose pain due to cold

Postby drose » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:59 pm


My husband had an allergic reaction with treatment 10 of Folfox. He had flushing, hives and difficulty breathing. The treatment was d/c'd but we agreed to another txt with a desensitization process. He took prednisone 24 hours prior to treatment. He was pre-med prior to treatment with a cocktail of meds (Benadryl, decadron, zytec, ammend, zophran and pepcid) He had 4 one hour infusions of a very diluted dose. He tolerated with mild flushing and small hives. He was then pumped up with another pre med cocktail dose and received the full dose over about 4 hours. He received then entire dose - then he had his avastin and 5 fu along with the ambulatory bag. It was a long 12 hour treatment. His side effects have been more pronounced but not too bad. More tingling in the extremities and sensitivity to cold.

I would recommend the desensitization process for at least one more treatment if the folfox is working for you. He has had 27 treatments all together - folfox, folfiri and maintenance. They have all sucked - but are necessary, I guess. They are taking their toll on both of us - that is for sure.

Good luck to you,
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