Rectum Issues - Anyone? Bueller?

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Rectum Issues - Anyone? Bueller?

Postby eitter » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:33 am

I thought I would pose this question here.........And to re-cap some facts about me and my case.

I had Stage III Rectal Cancer DX in May 2006. And had temp Ileo and a failed reversal and ended up with a Permanent Colostomy in May 2007. Failed reversal due to Radiation damage and I also have a Frozen pelvis, aka all body organs fused together by scar tissue which led to Kidney Stents to keep them going and I have surgery every 3 months to change them out. So back to my rectum, they could not remove it like they do for most ostomates and I have an unconnected rectal stump, about 12-18 inches worth. My ColoRectal Surgeon likes to scope it at my yearly Colonscopy and I have to prep it with an enema. I forget how much that hurts and to say it hurts is an understatement!!!!! also Causes spasms. If I sit I am fine, can't stand up or sit on a toilet and stuff keeps coming out. So when he did the scope on Thursday my colonoscopy was clear, but my prep for my rectal stump still had stool as he called it, but it is not stool, it is just yucky smelly stuff, brownish in nature. I was out of it after to remember what he said and my mom forgot, but I do remember asking why could he not just suck all the crap/stuff/yuckies out of my rectum and he had an explanation as to why he cant, but he did say he wanted me to take weekly enema's to keep it clean, WHAT NO WAY and be in this much pain, are you crazy!

Then today much to my dismay, stuff is still coming out and I am still in so much pain, and today staples came out, after 4years I still have staples coming out?!
Does anyone here go through this, or am I the only lucky one?! And why do you think he can't just suck it all out each year? Because as it is I take pain meds daily because I have tailbone pain, and no mets to tailbone FYI, plus I feel like I have a lemon up my butt all day and it is painful and I take chronic pain meds for it. So if he just sucked it all out don't you think maybe I would not be in pain all the time?!
We are having a long talk this week, I can't live like this!!!!
Any input?!
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Re: Rectum Issues - Anyone? Bueller?

Postby deb1223 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:47 am

Reading about all you've gone through just makes me want to cry. :( I don't have any answers for you, but I will pray for you and pray your pain is lifted. You seem to be such a beautiful person, and it hurts to know that there are so many lovely people on this site suffering. Praying for you to also have a pain free holiday.
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Re: Rectum Issues - Anyone? Bueller?

Postby Karen32 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:27 am

I have a permanent colostomy and my rectum, which is, to use my words, a dead end. Lol. I have had two colonoscopies and both times he went through the stoma and the rectum. The first colonoscopy he asked why I didn't take an enema. Well, he hadn't told me too. Simple as that. Had I known I would have. He pumped me full of air for the procedure. Afterwards, when I expelled the air I also expelled all of the residue with it. He told me to expect mucus discharge. With the second colonoscopy he did not require the enema and there was nothing visible during the colonoscopy. I was awake and watching the screen. However, once again when I expelled the air I also expelled mucus. There was no recommendation for ongoing enemas.

As for rectal spasms, yes I have had these. I am sorry to hear you are having them with such frequency. They are extremely unpleasant. I get them, but very rarely. So rarely that I have not been able to identify any trends. I do get what I have termed phantom rectum. Lol. Which basically, when I feel like I am going to pass a large amount of stool through my ostomy, my rectum muscles react as though I will be passing it conventionally.
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