Booster shots

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Booster shots

Postby mymom » Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:00 pm

One more post today. Another question. My mother is getting booster shots - one to two before each round of Folfox because her cell counts go way down. I dont remember the last time that she has not had a round of chemo without having one to two boosters prior. It seems to be the norm with her. Is it?

I will say she has an intestinal infection (they think she has had since surgery in May...dont ask me why they have not tested her sooner) so she is on antibiotics.

Looks to me like once they clear it up, maybe that is what was pushing her counts down. They kept saying it was the chemo but i think the underlying factor is she was week from the infection. Should I be worried about treatment? I feel instead of trying to find they underlying cause they just keep giving her boosters to get her up there to accept chemo.

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Re: Booster shots

Postby RixInPhx » Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:23 pm

The onc and the chemo clinic are only responsible for her chemo treatment, and that's what they're doing.

If she has post-surgery infection, then that needs to be treated by the surgeon and/or her PCP.
They are probably the ones who prescribed the antibiotics, which is about all that can be done for an infection, anyhow.

Meanwhile, the clinic will do what what they can for her to continue receiving Folfox.
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