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Postby Grannyof2 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:07 pm

Did anyone else fly through CRC and still feels in the dark?
Everyone here seems to know how fast their fingernails grow. lOl
I had six weeks of 5FU with radiation. Then went through surgery to repair the vagina that the tumor invaded as well as a colostomy. The majority of my rectum was malignant with the size of the tumor.
Just completed my third treatment of folfox.
Since I love my surgeon and his amazing knowledge, I didn't question his opinion. My husband and daughter were with me at all appointments also.
I feel like I slept most of my six weeks of chemo / radiation therapy also.
I requested all my medical records this week.
1st question. My radiologist gave me a IV B prior to my pet scan that reads III B. So which do I go with?
2nd question. I want to travel 12 hours to my home state for Thanksgiving and my next folfox is the week before. Will it hurt to neglect that treatment so I can travel with less discomfort?
Growing up in Ohio and living in SC now for two years was a good choice if I had to be treated with folfox! Love the sun verses neuropathy.
Thanks for all of your knowledge that you share. I think chemo brain had definitely set in for me!

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Re: Stupidity?

Postby thostie » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:24 pm

i was just thinking how in the dark i have been about my own cancer. i just got my medical records because im transferring to another hospital and found out i had lung mets! i didnt know about them until i read the report and they said they were resolved. i guess ignorance is bliss.
Erin 28 year old mom of two
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Started chemo (folfiri + avastin) 12/2010
lung mets resolved switched to Xeloda + Avastin 10/2011
6/2012 largest liver tumor started growing again more folfiri + avastin

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Re: Stupidity?

Postby hannahw » Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:26 am

I don't think there's anything stupid about what you don't know. One of the hard things about cancer is that, unless you've experienced some other major medical issue beforehand, you're basically being introduced to the medical world at a time when you're in crisis. There's a lot to learn and you may not be at your best (chemo brain and what have you). I know I've had plenty of experiences with my Dad where I think, "damn, if I knew then what I know now." But that's part of the journey, you learn as you go. It sucks because you feel like you could have done better, but it's also a good thing in the sense that each day you're getting a little more able, acquiring new tools, that will help you along the way.

A lot of the people who are more knowledgeable about their cancer have been on their cancer journey for a longer period of time (or found this board or some other resource early on and started asking questions). So don't beat yourself up about what you don't know. You're in the majority. And really, there's nothing wrong with that. Some people do better knowing less. It's a personal choice, no right or wrong. If you want to know more, it's there for you.

As to your questions, I don't think anyone here can give you a good answer. I'd follow up with your doc to verify staging and to discuss the pros and cons of delaying treatment for holiday travel. I've seen that question be answered both ways and it seems to be fairly patient specific so it depends on your unique circumstances. People hear can tell you what they've done, but that's unique to their cancer and their journey.
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Re: Stupidity?

Postby Cj51 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:58 am

Wow, reading this I think I need to request my own medical records! :shock:

DX Stage IIIb RC, T3N1M0, April 2010, 51
6 wks Xelox/rad 6/10
resection, temp illeostomy 8/10 Complete response!
12 rounds FOLFOX for clean up 9/10, Allergic to Oxi, started Xeloda only 12/10
Ileo takedown 9/28/11
4/2020 NED

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Re: Stupidity?

Postby goofytc » Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:01 pm

I wouldn't call this experience stupid :) maybe because it describes my experience as well. Lol I still don't know all of the specifics for myself. I just know I am cancer free, and have a great quality of life, and that is enough for me! I have been doing a lot of research on nutrition to stay cancer free. That is where all of my effort is now. I was a tad intimidated by the knowledge in this forum. But I have also learned a lot. I hope you stay healthy, that's what really matters :) best of luck!
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6 weeks of chemo 24-7 (i had a groshong catheter)
6 weeks of radiation (m-f)
rectal resection
complete hysterectomy
NED - 3-25-11

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Re: Stupidity?

Postby Jachut » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:53 am

I'm actually thankful that I'm inexperienced enough at this cancer gig to not know how fast my fingernails grow! I have good anatomical/physiological and medical understanding and dont really need to ask what's been done to me and why, and I just do not want to know statistics or factors affecting my prognosis. I dont believe it helps me at ALL. I figure that it was a chance in a million that I got rectal cancer at 42 anyway, I was already on the wrong side of the stats, so it does not comfort me one iota to know that at my stage, treatment, response, whatever that I have, for example, an 80% chance of being here in five years time. I could just as easily be one of the 20% - and I know that my health/fitness and younger age is not really a preventative factor or something I can comfort myself with. So I actively avoid that information. Once diagnosed I avoided the interent, it was way too traumatic for me, and I really only joined this forum once my treatment was over and I was well. Usually, I"m someone to inform myself and research anythign to death but when it comes to cancer, I dont find comfort at all in knowledge or in knowing other people are going through the same thing. As long as I understand the reasons for each stage of treatment, I dont really care to know anything else.

I also dont really believe I can prevent recurrence. Again, its only statistics. So I continue to live my moderate lifestyle - I eat well and exercise to make me feel good, not really to prevent cancer - as those factors didnt prevent me getting it in the first place!

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