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Postby Deborah » Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:05 pm

Husband 51 diag 5/04 stg IV CR cancer with meds. Had 29+ rounds chemo and several urinary track infections. Cea started going up to 459 so chemo drug change two weeks ago. Two days afterwards felt good then the bottom fell out. Could not eat or keep anything down went in on a monday for first pet scan ( By my request) was sick and took to ER where fluids were given went to clinic for more fluids and blood in urine. Sent home again with Leviquen till Monday was due for chemo again. Went directly to check in with stool in urine and retum (has ostomy) did several test and found 2 fistulas. One from colon to blader and one from small intestine to rectal stump. Will meet with Oncologist team on thursday 3/2 to find out what will and can be done. I need information on this so I will know what Oncologist is talking about can some one help shed Light on this???????????????????????????????????

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