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8th round of chemo and some good news

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:41 am
by Becky2011
I had my 8th round of chemo today and got the results of my ultrasound from last week. My CEA leves have gone down from 750 in late Nov to 54 this week and the ultrasound confirmed the tumors in my liver are shrinking. YEA! The ultrasound confirmed what the CEA numbers indicated. The chemo is working. Unfortnately the ultrasound also confirmed that the location of the mets just doesn't allow for me to become a liver resection candidate. So we will finish out the initial 12 rounds of chemo and then to a scan before determining a new treatment plan, possibly moving on to those little magic beads that seem to be working so well, if need be. Hopefully remission or better yet a miracle and the tumors On the down side my doctor's office has finally ran out of Fusilev, the alternative for Luecovoron (probably spelled them wrong), so I had my treatment without them. So far the doctor hasn't had any patients have a problem with this more toxic mix but they just ran out last week. They are estimating that one of the two will be available again in April, so hopefully I won't have any bad side effects. They are also now giving the Emend through the IV. The nurse said that people are doing better on this than the pill form. I hope so, and best of all I don't have that $50 copay for it every two weeks, giving me 100 more to put towards all those bills coming in. Other than not being able to sleep tonight (due to the steroids they gave today I'm sure) I've felt better than I have on my previous treatment days, so things so far are looking up.