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Re: Silly Question

Postby Apache7 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 11:26 pm

I'm an ex-firefighter/EMT from northern NM and I've recently been fitted with a Bard Power port. I am homebound with Multiple Myeloma and it's now stage 4. I DO wear mine most times and now leave my front door unlocked so as to allow my EMS dept. easier access to me in case of emergency.I don't wear it to bed, my wife will I don't go out in public much except to travel to Albuquerque every Monday for 4-8 hour infusion, I wear it whenever I leave my house. I now am looking for a replacement rubber bracelet because I accidentally cut it removing those paper ones you get at the cancer center during last infusion. Senior moment.

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Re: Silly Question

Postby polluxx » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:32 pm

When I got my port put in, I was given a card for my wallet, a card for my keychain and a gray bracelet. The nurse told me that I only needed 2 out of 3.

I’m a belt and suspenders kind of girl, so I use all 3.

I’m am finishing my 12th and final FolFox treatment. I’m asking my oncologist to leave my port in for at least the next 2 years, so I’ll keep wearing my bracelet as long as I keep my port.

Hopefully, there will not be a need for either the port or the bracelet.
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Re: Silly Question

Postby Rock_Robster » Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:28 am

I received a bracelet but I’ve never worn it; very few medics here would be port access trained, and to be honest I don’t think I’d want them messing with it in a non-sterile field setting anyway. I was a volunteer EMT and we would never touch a port for IV access.

Carrying the card in your wallet is a good idea in case you have to have a scan for any reason (eg MRI) - they can immediately confirm what type of port you have and that it’s safe for the machine. Once I forgot it and they had to call my surgeon’s office to find out what type they used - annoying! I’ve been through airport security a dozen times with it and never had an issue, but I suppose it could be useful for that too.

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