Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby Pfauxmeh » Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:03 pm

Okay, so it isn't really that bad. No vomiting (yet?) after the first two and a half doses. Tummy is a little rumbly, but it's in the process of cleaning so I can see why. Nausea is dull, pain is dull...I sure hope it stays this way!

Thanks for the comfort, guys.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby flalight » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:35 pm

I just used MoviPrep today. It tastes bad (which I expected) but the results weren't as awful as I'd expected.
I was told to have nothing but clear liquids & jello today.
Dr had me take magnesium citrate @ 9am that started things moving very quickly and I was pretty cleaned out just from that.
I then started MoviPrep @ 1:30pm. I couldn't drink the 8 oz every 15 mins like I was told or would have thrown it back up, so did it every 25 mins. I chilled the mixture and put some lemonade mix in made 'awful' a bit less awful. Due to the magnesium citrate taken earlier, and probably because I had already started a semi-liquid diet the day prior, there just wasn't anything left to clean out.
I don't think I needed it, but still did the 2nd litre dose of MoviPrep as prescribed @ 5:30pm, because I do not want to repeat this process.
No vomiting (surprise, because I have a weak stomach), horrible stomach cramps (I already have horrible stomach pain, but MoviPrep didn't make it worse), etc. This wasn't pleasant, but wasn't the worst medical thing I've ever been through, either.
My bum is on fire, despite using baby wipes, ointment, etc....that's my biggest complaint.
Tomorrow is my colonoscopy and I will be sedated for the procedure - I'm pretty squeamish, so don't want to know what's going on. I'm hopeful for a positive outcome for the test results (for all of you, too).


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby bperrotta » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:21 am

I felt terrible after both my Moviprep treatments. My stomach is serverely bloated, burning and nauseaus. IIs it supposed to make you feel this sick? really hope my colonoscopy is not this painful.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby intuscany » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:40 pm

I wanted to send a great big thank you to "gofisch" who had the bext suggestions for getting "Moviprep" down!

It made what I anticipated to be horrible, not be.

GUM worked wonderfully, and the STRAW bypassed the front of the tongue where the taste buds are located!

All went well, thank you.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby yack » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:03 pm

I have an appointment for my first sigmoidoscopy ever and I was given moviprep to cleanse the gut, I have just finished taking movi prep right now, my thoughts are it tastes ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, so horrible that i have almost thrown it up with every sip i take, i downed the first glass quite easily but it quickly became incredibly difficult to finish, took me three hours to finish it all, i tried drinking with a straw but i must have taste buds all they way down to the back of my tongue and a few in my throat because i could still taste it, the texture is slightly thicker than water... i would describe the taste and texture to be a mixture of water, egg whites, salt, sperm and lemon.... well i dunno what sperm tastes like but im pretty sure it tastes like movi prep :-( after a few hrs my stomach started rumbling so i legged it to the toilet and had the most watery poop ever which came out ok with no pain/burning but was the worst smelling sh!t i had ever taken in my entire life, it was so bad i thought i was gonna die... seriously..... the worst thing about movi prep is there is another two sachets which i have to mix for the morning and drink another litre of this stuff, I have no idea how im going to manage it... :'-( .... i would seriously recommend if anyone can get hold of tablets which do the job instead then definitely do that, i would much prefer tablets to this.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby vinmann » Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:02 pm

I'm taking moviprep right now, i have less than 8 ounces left of my first dose. I mixed it and put it in the fridge but only for about 30 minutes. So it is about room temperature now. I just wanted to post my reaction and hopefully ease some nervousness people may have. The taste is not as bad as these posts made me think. I'm drinking by itself, straight from the container, no straw, room temp. I've almost finished the whole thing in about 20 minutes, only spacing it out as per my doctors recommendations. Everyone's taste buds are different, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the taste after reading this forum.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby VRose » Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:36 pm

I just got my first colonoscopy. The system my doctore recommended was Lo So Prep. It was really easy and didn't tast bad. Fasted yesterday even tho I was able to have boulions/clear drinks/ice pops/jellos. Lots of water/tea. First was the magnesium Carbonate Citric Acid and Potassium Citrate for Oral solution product in 8 oz cold water. Let the bubbles go away and chug it.. Then two hours later 4 little red tabs bisacodyl tablets with water. Lots of water after that. Next morning which was today - go and do it. Easy. The worst part was getting used to not eating solid foods so I just chewed up ice chips and ice pops. I would recommend this prep.


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby ahagg » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:08 pm

This is my 2nd colonoscopy ..the 1st was in 2005. The Moviprep isn't all that bad chilled ...thru a straw...with a swig of orange Gatorade to follow. I am working on my second bottle (as directed by my doc). The stomach cramps that I suffered with with the Golytely last time are mild., and I have no nausea at all. My procedure is at 8:30 tomorrow and I hope that the headache I had last time is nothing this time,too! I am hydrating very carefully. Thank you to everyone for the advice ! :D

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby Navygrrl » Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:23 pm

Hi, I'm Kathy, 34, and having my first colonoscopy tomorrow morning due to change in bowel habits and rectal bleeding. Thanks so much for your tips on how to make the prep solution go down more easily. My doctor prescribed the Halflytely stuff, and I got most of it down without a problem. That last bit, though - I thought it was going to come right back up. I used the flavoring stuff it came with, which gave it a better aftertaste, but that effect did not last very long and then I just tasted salty yuckiness. My only issue now is that I'm freezing and shivering, so after I look a bit more on this site, I think I'm going to go cocoon myself with a heating pad.

Once again, thanks to all of you who've posted. My dad has gone through routine colonoscopies, but he's pretty reticent to talk about personal issues, so I've been googling like crazy to find hints and tips on how to get through the prep.

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby a Patient » Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:45 am

I just had my first colonoscopy today. I used the moviprep as directed yesterday with only clear liquids all day. It tastes absolutely disgusting chilled or not. It caused me to get horrible heart burn and I do not usually get heartburn. To make matters worse my doctor said that it did not clean me out well at all so I have to do my next one in a year instead of the normal interval.

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby 57 routine ckup 1st colonoscopy » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:49 am

5:30 AM just finished 2nd batch of MoviPrep. Thanks for advice! Cold, straw- put in back corner of mouth, 2 ice cubes- more makes it too cold to belt down, mint gum- used two packs, warm coke sips kill taste if you can't suck it all down in one try. Walk around while taking the 4 doses. I did not wait for the MoviePrep to do the driving I was proactive and avoided the bloating. Scope appt. is at 10AM and I did not get much sleep between the 7PM dose and the 4AM dose. Also I had to wait more than 15 mins for the very last 8oz. or I think it would have come up. I plan to never do this again. Good Luck all. Again my docs instructions said to mix with tepid water and take add ice or a tea bag- I could never have done that. When I saw your advice I made both batches and put them in the frig. THANKS


Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby pmayo » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:25 pm

Oh My god....MoviPrep is the worst,,,I am 4 hours into this nightmare and wish they had't taken the fllet off the market. So much easier to stomach and easier to pass. This is enough to skip colonoscopys. I thought Mamograms were bad![code][/code]

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby MARE » Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:28 pm

For all you brave souls who have had to suffer through the ingestion of Movieprep...just a word of advice...I have mentioned this before...but next time you have to go through the process, ask your Doc for Pico Salex, or Picolax. I had 10 years of taking the wretched preps that tasted like a combination of sewer water, salt and artificial sweetener with a "hint" of lemon thrown in the mix, and each time I spent the entire evening and half the night with my hand over my mouth repeating the mantra "I will not throw up; I will not throw up". For my last two colonoscopies my Dr. prescribed Pico Salex and I could have kissed his tastes like tang. No more experiments to figure out ways to get the prep to stay in my stomach. Still have to follow it with 5 glasses of water, and the process is repeated two hours later, but it does the job and that is the hardest part of getting a colonoscopy. Every time I see a post with someone who has had to go through a horrible experience with their prep, I want to let them know how to avoid this ordeal, and I must sound like a broken record, but if I can help some poor soul from the "nasty stuff", then I will be glad I helped.

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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby jane » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:28 pm

Hear,Hear, Mare!

CRGuy and myself have said the same thing over and over! Picolax/picosalax. Why use anything else!!!!!
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Re: Moviprep - colonoscopy prep

Postby CRguy » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:10 pm

jane wrote:Hear,Hear, Mare!

CRGuy and myself have said the same thing over and over! Picolax/picosalax. Why use anything else!!!!!

And this time (3 days ago for me) I actually nailed the exact taste of the Pico Salax preps we have in Canada. To me tastes just like orange flavoured Gatorade. Just finished a glass now and the first thing that came to mind was Pico Salax. I used the lemon lime and green tea to hydrate for the prep so didn't figure it out till just now. SO it really is not that bad, and you only have two 150 ml (5 ounce) glasses to take.

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