November Weight Loss and Exercise Thread

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November Weight Loss and Exercise Thread

Postby SkiFletch » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:05 am

I know, it's not November for a couple days, but I couldn't find a thread for October and didn't feel like starting one for only a couple days, so we're getting off to an early start for november.

So how's everyone doing with their weight loss and exercise goals out there? I know I've finally been getting back to the gym with some regularity now that the major house renovations are done and of course am weak as hell after surgery. Oh well, as I've said before, it just means I make gains fast :D. I've started myself up a workout journal of sorts so I can keep track of things as I start to get things back into my routine. I could report all my measures here but instead I'll stick to a few of the "bigger" ones like flat bench and squats for 3 sets of at least 8 reps. I can do 75 on the bench and 95 on the squat which I'm currently doing with the Smith machine (the bar on sliders) to lower the impact on my core. The abs are doing well, considering how fully they were violated by my surgeon's knife, but still offer twinges that remind me not to go nuts on core work yet. Yes yes, I know, I'll be careful :D. Perhaps in december I'll hit the pool back up in between the weights for a little cardio too. Hopefully the yearly flood of resolutioners won't make it too bad at the pool in January, but we'll see :)

So how's everyone else doing? Helen, hows that diet workin out for ya? I know Eric's already got his post-op miles bieng recorded, lets see how far he can slaughter that goal :). And I know at least Phuong is back to the gym too, how's it treating you?
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