Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

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Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby pollo65 » Wed May 26, 2010 3:41 pm

I have read with interest posts about IP-6 and am trying berries etc. as part of an anti-angiogenic diet. What I would really like to know is. Do your onccologists know that your are using "alternatives" to/with their protcol? My onc is from Taiwan and thought that acupunture was great for pain/neurapathy but against herbs etc. I will soon be going back for maintenance and wondered if anyone took "alternatives" during chemo(FOLFOX+Avavstin) previously don't now what or how often for maintenance. Scared, nervous and back to onc. June 1.

Too sick pre and post surgery and chemo to think about diet, supplements etc. but now want to help my body fight this monster.

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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby joeyooser » Wed May 26, 2010 5:43 pm

I just saw this video the other day on this subject - it's worth passing around. I'm not really doing a good job of eating an anti-angiogenesis diet, but it is definitely worth pursuing (I'll try better, honest).
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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby CRguy » Wed May 26, 2010 6:38 pm

pollo65 wrote: Do your onccologists know that your are using "alternatives" to/with their protcol?.
Scared, nervous and back to onc. June 1.

We can be Chemo Buddies then, 'cos I start FOLFOX6 on June 2 [Stage IV(a)]
I am currently investigating adjuct therapies, with the following provisos, and my Onc is also asian, approves of acu, but prefers no "other" meds. We'll talk ! :P

Your question is the million $$$ question. At our local cancer "agency" (BC Cancer Agency) there is a pilot project to open the lines of discussion about using "alternative" meds for cancer patients while ON active treatments. It is called CAMEO

Check it out. If you need more info PM me. I am a veterinarian (30 years in western medicine) and an integrative practitioner (nine years in Integrative Medicine including acupuncture certification and herbal medicine training) who also happens to be a CClub "member", lucky me !

Just so you know up front, my major rants are :

1. Alternative or "holistic" practitioners are not always up to speed on the real world of "western" medically treated patients. There ARE good Integrative Practitioners, but in my experience you need to search them out diligently.

2. A lot of "alternative" practitioners AND western medical cancer specialists are NOT up to speed on each others areas of expertise ; = the patient loses in the translation...OR lack thereof, because there are increasing numbers of adjunct treatments which are proven effective for "us."

3. Because of #2...lots of practitioners simply avoid the "other" side and stick to what they know...fair enough, but there are times when you need to proactively expand the horizons...Stage IV is one of those times.

4. ALWAYS tell any health care provider...everything you are taking or being treated with, please !

5. With regards to "herbals" and other "alternatives" in general....we must know that the source is 100% pure, safe, and effective. I will not accept anything less for my own patients and sure as hell won't take anything questionable myself, Stage IV or not. A lot of "offshore" medicinals are not effective and some are harmful or contaminated.

6. Keep looking until you find an integrative practitioner who will work with YOU, and wants to know about, and understand all of the complexities of what you are going through.

Like I said my mini-rant..but keep looking ! Knowledge IS power.

Cheers, for success on your journey
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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby John603 » Thu May 27, 2010 2:05 pm

I would always make sure that my onc is aware of any alternative meds/treatments/supplements/foods I am taking.

The one combination that I am aware of is that if you are on Irinotecan (part of Folfiri) then you should not take Curcumin (Tumeric) because it reduces the efficacy of the Irinotecan.

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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby surfingon » Thu May 27, 2010 8:59 pm

Absolutely fascinating video clip, Joey-- thanks so much for posting this. What an exciting, drug-free possibility-- a classic example of thinking outside the box about cancer.

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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby MonaL » Fri May 28, 2010 12:18 am

Nope, we never told the onc about the IP6. It's too easy to make the alternatives the scape goat. We knew what we were doing, and we knew that the onc wasn't familiar with this stuff, so there was really no point. We know what he would have said, and had no information to contribute. There are other things I would be comfortable adding and/or doing the research on my own, though Dad never went in that direction. I have enough comfort and confidence in my research to know that the docs my dad uses do not have much accurate info on any of this stuff. NOW, if we had some knowledgeable docs, things might be different. From previous experience, I have found that putting the actual decisions in the hands of someone else, always turned out to be a bad thing in the long run.
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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby MonaL » Fri May 28, 2010 12:20 am

duplicate post, sorry!
Dad, stage IV CC, mets to liver, 2007-2008
surgery, Xelox, and IP-6
NED summer 2009
surveillance stopped summer 2014, due to age
died 1/2018, from Parkinson's (triggered by one of his cancer surgeries and/or chemo)

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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby Terry » Fri May 28, 2010 10:12 am

IMO, I think it's a BAD idea to do something without telling your onc. No reputable herbalists/naturalist is going to tell you to not tell your onc. what your doing. We're talking about some really potent drugs with chemotherapy and what if your taking something that along with chemo is to much for your liver or kidneys. If your not on chemo any longer and all of your tests are normal then I would say it's probably O.K. but if your on chemo you need to let them know. Do your research, see how the product is metabolized and what potential side effects there and take it with to your onc. I know my onc. would say go ahead and try it if I brought in the supportive data on it.

I'm going to go to a naturalpath this summer. I'm hoping they can help with something that may prevent a recurrence but also help with my energy level.

Good luck!
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Re: Anti-angiogenics, IP-6

Postby Ivona » Fri May 28, 2010 10:21 am

I agree with Terry. Why would you keep info from your onc? I always checked with my onc on supplements. He was pretty adamant that I avoid anti-oxidants while on therapy.
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